went on my long overdue trip to the city...the reset button has been pushed! kids are more funny, i'm happier to serve them and that spilled milk is not a big deal! i did some 'emotional shopping' this whole week. i felt like people everywhere i went were just wanting to be mean to me for no reason. it got me in sort of a rut...i was just not understanding the point of total strangers being mean to me and even people i know just...whatever...i'm not going to go into that. but bottom line, i'm not dumb, blind or deaf. and i'm not a fighter. anyway, i'm so over that and my 'scores' totally helped my 'stress' go away! when i got my brown circle sunnies a few months ago i felt i needed black ones too...i found some online but always put purchasing them aside 'cause i was happy just having found mine. so after selling a few things on eBay and this need to find happiness in 'things', i decided the time was right. i love them a lot and i feel like i'm cheating on my h&m ones because we were exclusive lol. these will be glued to my face for a while. i'll share with you all my purchases from today in time...i'll do little photo shoots with them. i'm really excited about them! a few of them are one of a kind type of things that i was really surprised to find. sooo so excited!

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