so i attempted the jogging pant and i must say i am surprised. these are a little baggy at the hip area so they're kind of harem-ish (what my friend called them). but i really love the sweat pant look and it was hard finding the right pair. i actually ordered these online never trying them on before so by chance i ordered the right ones! this is an old top. i'm not as crazy about the print as when i first got it but i was trying to find the right silhouette to go with my sweatpants. this one went most well than my other tops.

whole outfit from urban..sunnies are h&m

calise (my eldest daughter): mom, chloe is so silly. she says when she was a baby in your belly there were rainbows, and sparkles...

chloe: (adding to calise's list) and butterflies and flowers

calise: and blood!

chloe: no calise!

calise: (laughing) okay chloe...

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  1. oh btw - the watch is unisex and the strap is totally adjustable. trust me, it'll fit you, i have bird wrist and it fits me fine.

    word verification: "suppers" hahah