a mesh knit.

zara top, kova & t jeans, old br belt

i actually got this top from the girls section at zara.  i saw it in a bright yellow the week before the sale started and told my sister i'd totally get it for myself if they had it in a different color.  it's weird how they bring out things out of no where during their sales....which i don't mind because i get a lot of their "sold out" things on sale.  that's what i love about zara sales.  and so i got this for $10!  

i will finally be giving my sam edelmans a rest!  barely any shoes have caught my eye this summer unlike last when i found clogs i wanted everywhere i looked.  i'm waiting for 2 pairs of shoes in the mail.  hopefully they work out...i'm excited to incorporate them into my not so traditional summer wardrobe i've been putting together this year. 



my ever  so talented cousin shot and editted this little snippet of myself while we were out taking pics.  it's always fun collaborating with her because this is absolutely a common interest of ours and it's so much fun just to hang out with her.  check out the rest of her youtube videos! 

i've been a lazy blogger lately and so just to give kind of an update, here are a couple instagram shots of what i've been up to - or into...

i don't know why i've been into sweaters lately, especially since summer just started.  i wish for cooler days now.  these are a few of my favorite 'summer sweaters'.  i love the open knit details.

i went to the fabric store around mother's day and got everything to make this.  i finally got around to completing it today.  it turned out better than i expected and i'm excited to try different variations next.  


knit picky.

fei via anthropologie knit top, lucca shorts, se boots

i hate regret, especially when it comes to clothes.  after coming home from my trip to the city last week, i quickly regretted not getting other things instead.  like this top i'm wearing.  i had to go back on friday afraid that they were all sold out but luckily there was one more left in my size.  and the same with another sweater i bought at zara.  i am much happier now that i got what i really wanted.

aaand...happy father's day to all the hardworking fathers!  especially my dad and my husband.


big red.

f21 sweater & shorts, zara bag & sam edelman boots

i never realized how tan pink can make you look.  looks like i had been laying at the beach all day.  i'm really loving it.  i also found the perfect sweater, i have to be super careful for it not to snag but the shape and knit are what i had been looking for since...it was still cool enough to wear sweaters.  but when i'm wearing shorter shorts, i like to balance it out with something more covering(?)

found this cool red van in a strange alley, too bad i didn't the get creepy mannequin displayed on a porch in the shot.   


behind the newspaper building.

yumi kim liz romper (gifted), zara bag and sam edelman boots

this has to be my favorite yumi kim piece.  i love the shape of it and it goes so well with my favorite boots.  sorry if i'm over doing the boots.  not sure yet how many times more i'll be wearing them either.  it makes fooling around in this flirty romper more fun tossing these fringes all over the place.  i think this whole silhouette will be my summer default.
oh and that's my cousin, bohemianrags!  check her out and see the rest of her amazing diy shorts!
aaand...if you'd like, read my interview i did with fashionbloggerrevealed!



f21 cardigan, t by alexander wang t-shirt, crochet shorts (similar ones at lulus)

wore this shopping in the city yesterday.  my husband took the kids swimming on thursday and as soon as they left i literally felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.  i swear i was lifted up off the ground.  i let out a good sigh of relief.  a day in the city with no kids was calling.

my husband does not approve of any of my crochet shorts because he thinks they look like pajamas.  i got these back in december.  i actually wanted them a little tighter but now i like that they're a bit baggy.  i paired it with my grandpa cardigan to tone it down.  i still didn't get his approval hah.      


if only.

zara knit, f21 tank, lucca shorts, sam edelman boots

i'm pretty loyal when it comes to certain accessories until i find something new i love.  they usually consist of a watch, a bracelet or two and a couple of rings.  it probably gets boring to see the same things all the time but it's something like a stamp or mark.

i kept this short sleeved zara cardigan in the shopping bag since i bought it a little over a week ago because i wasn't too sure about it.  it's so cute and 60's and i love the open knit but if the sleeves just went to the elbows i would love it.  after putting it together with these boots, its possibilities became endless.  i've made up my mind.   



thrifted anthropologie crochet cardigan, f21 t-shirt, siwy cut-offs, sam edelman boots

i believe this is my first time to wear denim cut-offs this summer.


sticks and stones.

banana republic denim shirt, on tank, sans souci shorts, sam edelman louie bootie, vjstyle clutch 

finally the rest of this outfit.  i know, so late!  i was waiting for the photographer and the weather to meet at a time they were both available.  anyway, i finally bought these boots!  i posted or "liked" these on my personal fb back in april.  i did a google search and was so lucky to find them on sale at bloomingdales.  they were $90 plus an additional 20%.  i actually went to the sf bloomies for them but they only had them in my size in ny.  it was the last day of the sale and because of the time difference, i couldn't get them.  i called ny first thing the next morning and she told me all they had were 6 1/2 and i'm a 7.  she said these shoes were meant to be because sam edelman run a half size big!  ...and she honored the sale price!  regular price was $225 and i got them for $72, so very excited for these.  finally replaced my smaller casio watch with a bigger one that i initially wanted but hubby thought wouldn't fit me.  i just bent off a bunch of links and it fit me perfect.

oh yeah, please check my super talented and beautiful cousin, melissa or what i call her, sha sha :)
bohemian rags    


foot fringe.

more tomorrow...


sorry, i know it has been a minute since my last post.  been really occupied...life's circumstances and the weather hasn't really got me in the mood.  i did stay inspired and these are some of the things that currently are inspiring me.  ...in no particular order

 1. this tight and bright printed mini (yayer) skirt reminds me of the 90's and i'm really loving it right now
2. either lucy pearl or incubus channels on pandora all day.  they play my all time fave maxwell and red hot chili peppers songs 

3.  my grandmother's, whom i was named rose after, strength and personality

4.  i have 3 little duckies always in tow, keeping me super busy...sometimes they feel like 4 ;) photo via verb1der    

5.  soft colors and long scarves thrown on (via life of a boheme)

6.  anything kate moss and of course her hair

7.  a rare night out...always fun with my girl, mel

8.  ashley's sweater

9.  finally getting things checked off my most wanted list...just got 2 out of  84,783 that i can't wait to share :)

10.  this super cute romper, yes romper