so i barely made it through two weeks without buying anything. thursday was the 14th day so friday was a new fiscal week if that makes sense. that means i did go shopping yesterday. but it was thrift shopping so it was totally okay. i walked out with a vintage vera scarf for 1.50, vintage levi's for 3.00 & vintage lee's for 2.50. i want more of these shorts in different shades and washes. these look just like vintage mens jeans but hemmed into shorts. i cut the jeans but now i have to hem them. i'm excited to put outfits together with them!
and i also did buy one other thing i'm sooo so excited about. i will be revealing them tuesday! ...when they come :( boo to no instant gratification from online shopping


  1. I'm pretty much going to steal this outfit from you. I miss thrifting so much. I've been trying to stop shopping as well... Didn't make it through this month but hopefully next month I'll be better!!

  2. I wish the thift store in the UK had amazing finds like this. Another gorgeous outfit xoxo