f21 knit & choker, sweetees cami, bdg jeans, kelsi dagger shoes

look, i'm matching the background!  my hair looks just like the door and my outfit kind of looks like the wall.  didn't notice that until i started posting these photos here.  anyway, i ordered this sweater & choker and the trench from the last post from f21.com together.  i didn't intend to wear them together but when i threw everything on after arrival on saturday, i thought, isabel marant!  hehe...and you know i had to take out my wannabe gava pump wedges ;)      



madewell top, joe's jeans jeggings, f21 trench. h&m choker, steven boots

i had been looking for the perfect trench coat for a while now and though this is still not quite the one, i'm adoring the little fur collar on it.  it's the perfect amount of fur and it's simply...cute.
i dressed it down with jeans but added a little bit of shine with this choker.  i love to offset something so casual with something otherwise and i can't wait to do that with something full on blingy, especially for the holidays.  i found a gold sequin tunic dress on Goddiva, a UK based site that would look very sexy and unassuming underneath.


1. ordered these same pair in cobalt blue ponte one night and the next day my order was cancelled.  worked out fine because my cont'd search lead me to these navy suedette ones.  they make more sense with opaque tights too.

2. a black friday find at urban outfitter.

3.  don't usually like to post profanity on here, but it's perfectly put.

4.  a touch glam with some frumpiness.  and vice versa.


poshlocket giveaway.

penny gibbous moon bracelet c/o Poshlocket, zara top, bdg jeans, kelsi dagger shoes 

LOVE my new bracelet!  i've been wearing it everyday since i got it in the mail last week.  so good with all my cream 60's things!  :)

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waffles & leather.

gap sweater & zara coated jeans

okay, not leather.  not even faux leather, just coated pants. 
but here is the rest of 'glimpse'.  i've actually been wearing this sweater almost everyday since i bought it but i wore this exact outfit on saturday when we celebrated my grandmother's 77th birthday (her real birthday is on 11.11...so 77 on 11.11.11) and also, filipinos consider any day when pacquiao fights a holiday so we celebrated that at the party as well.

i just ordered a pair of cobalt blue high waist a-line shorts, very much like the ones in the carven ss12 collection.  in the middle of november?  i really don't know why.  but i'm trying to figure out how to make it work...we'll see...  



gap sweater, f21 skirt & clutch, pembrook boots

i'm being such a lazy blogger.  i promise better photos no later than friday.  i've caught up with my girls' teachers and learned some very amazing things about them.  i just about shed a tear in front of one of their teachers.  i am a proud mom. a very, very proud mom.  anyway, this is another instagram shot of what i wore today; sweater in 2 sizes up from my size, a short pleated floral, black tights, my new f21 clutch that was waiting in my mailbox for 3 days because i thought UPS was supposed to deliver it and of course, my pembrook boots.     



gap sweater, h&m bangle

hopefully i'll get to show the rest tomorrow.  no time for photos today but here is an instagram glimpse (follow me for random shots throughout the day!)  we have my daughter's parent-teacher conference then my other daughter's soccer party and then a bunch of other house chores i had to put off from this last weekend's really busy schedule.  see you soon...have a good week!


knits & sunsets.

f21 sweater, ae denim shirt, bdg jeans, steven boots, asos hat

although this one is old, i had been finding sweaters left and right.  whenever i start buying a whole bunch of stuff for myself, i have to get some for the rest of my family.  the girls (my 2 daughters) and i drove over to san francisco at right before sunset yesterday to go to zara.  it was pretty on the way there but as soon as we parked, it was dark.  anyway, they found a lot of boots and sweaters.  one sweater i was just about to buy for myself on a previous trip.  i love how i can fit size 13-14, the girls clothes are cheaper!  so that leaves my son and the husband.  i always browse online first to show my husband to make he'll wear it.  i like the 'cable detail crewneck' and the 'crewneck wool and cashmere pullover' on this (uk based) site of designer men's knitwear.  


so here it is.

zara sweater, f21 shorts, steven boots

love it when i randomly check on something that i really wanted but was sold out and becomes back in stock.  i never become more sure that i want something.  i start panicking because i know i'm racing with probably 10 other girls trying to purchase it.  that was the case with this sweater.

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