breeze & warmth.

mango knit, vintage levi's cutoffs, dolce vita boots, coach bag

it was so warm but windy today.  just as soon you start feeling uncomfortable, the wind comes and cools you.  maybe that's just how i felt in this sweater with good sized holes.  it's perfect for me and my thing with wearing long sleeves with shorts.


shop my closet.

forever21 new w/ tags ($17.80) sz small selling for $12

ark&co knit shorts sz small $15
petticoat alley scarf print blouse sz xs $18

please email me @ megansolla@gmail.com if you're interested in any of the items.  shipping w/in the us is $6 for proirity, $3.50 for first class

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cut it out.

cutout trim shorts c/o beginning boutique, zara top & dv jameson booties

i got these adorable shorts from beginning boutique about 2 months ago now?  can't believe it took me that long to wear them but for sure i'll be wearing them a lot as soon as the weather becomes stable.  right now i'm loving the simplest thin bangle with my watch as my everyday 'armcandy'.  i dream of this cartier...ughh...     


mirror mirror.

zara top, vintage levi's cutoffs, kelsi dagger shoes, vintage cutout clutch, anthropologie bangle

i've been scouring the web for mirror prints and found this one at of course zara.  i was expecting the print to be centered so it's in fourths, if that's how to describe it.   i guess i'm happy with this but i'm not done searching.  my trusty cutoffs always downplays my most detailed tops.  this top also has little gold studs along the neckline & arm openings and curved hems.  and when i have prints like this that call for wooden heels or something bohemian, i love to pull out my edgy little kelsi daggers instead.  



h&m blazer & shorts, f21 tee, zara sandals, jewelmint & f21 bracelets

this is my favorite blazer that goes with everything, it made a few appearances on my instagram.  and then i finally got to wear these h&m conscious collection shorts and these silver flats today.  it was so hot.  i loved  it.  i have so many shorts, it's crazy.  but then i have this thing where i always want to wear long sleeves or sweaters with them.  i don't know what's wrong with me.    


in the greenery.

zara sweater & shoes, dolce vita shorts, bcbg clutch

just frolicking in the garden by my place, you know, in silver heels.  this is what i wore for my hubby's surprise party i planned a couple weeks ago but instead of this sweater, i had on my cream zara boatneck plus my cream blazer.  it actually rained and that didn't stop me from wearing these shorts and heels.  i don't know if these are even considered heels but that's what i love about them; that they were silver and that i could run around in them.



planting flowers.

floral pants c/o motel rocks, f21 tee, kelsi dagger shoes

thought the scenery needed some flowers so i planted myself there.  i wanted to toughen up these comfy floral pants for the perfect balance.  now everything is the way they should be.


striped & sweet.

Beale dress c/o Dolce Vita, zara shoes, vintage clutch, h&m sunnies

how sweet is this dress?  the stripes, patch pockets and the shape of this dress make it the cutest thing ever.  i love it without the belt but i really couldn't resist the a-line shape it gives.  sweet silhouettes always make me happy :) 

find the dress here.


tone down.

stone cold fox top, zara shorts & shoes, h&m sunnies

there's beautiful weather ahead of us and i have so much to share!  i have had to hold back because of the weather.  while so, i joined a new site, copious, kind of like ebay but so much better.  you can link it to all your social media outlets and based on them, you are recommended who to follower.  there are a lot of bloggers selling too.  check out my account here.