yo tengo ombre.

after seeing more and more bloggers with the ombre hair, i decided i'd no longer think about it but be about it. rumi had me wanting to do it but kristine inspired me to actually do it. she did hers at home and i thought it was really cute. sjp's is perfect but i'd have to go to a salon to acheive that. i remembered back in nov/dec i read about how nicole richie's stylist did hers. i found that article last night and then went straight to cvs for the bleach after church this morning. i'm pretty happy with it. there's one more step i left out to spare my poor hair that i'll complete in a couple days...but for now, voilĂ ...


  1. Ho mi GOOD its a trade mark, i was thinking its a gramatical accideent.

  2. dude how did you do yours at home? i went to a salon and i still have abrupt ass "transition" if you can call it that. it goes from my hair color to BAM a yellow stripe. it's bugging the shit out of me. Mine doesn't really fade well either. I wanted it to transition from my natural hair at the roots to almost white at the tips smooooothly (hello, OMBRE!?!) but instead it's like splotchy everywhere. i hate it.