it takes some muscle to fall in love.

…my favorite song on m.i.a.‘s new album at the moment. i really do love her album. i’ve been listening to it all day everyday for 4 days straight now…in the shower, on my iphone, in the car…just all the time. anyway, this is an old top from urban outfitters. i’ve had this for three years now. this is one of the pieces that i just can’t ever let go of and yet always seem to pass up when choosing what to wear. i got this when i was so in love with geren ford. this top is a knock off of one her more popular styles that cost 6 times as much.

hope everyone is having a nice week so far!


  1. Cute top! Where'd you get it?

    Btw, yeah I think I tried on the Ceceila b/c the price was the same as the one I saw in Nordstrom's. Hope you get the JC's :) They're heaven on my feet :D

  2. Cute outfit. Love those shoes.

    Do you have a favorite song from her album?


  3. Thank you :). It's hard to choose just one! It's a tie between it takes muscle, stepping up, it iz what it iz and Internet connection...but I love all of them!! Lol

  4. lettuce write, i got this top at urban outfitters but a few years ago. the jc's sure look like heaven...sigh...lol

  5. great outfit, those shoes are awesome!