put on your spotlight.

when deciding whether to keep or sell certain items, i take into consideration the brand, the style and it's sentimental value. this sweater i've had for about ten years not because of the brand - it's from express, nor it's style - it's one of those long belted sweaters everyone and their mama had and i should have let it go as soon as that happened but i kept it all these years because it was one of the first things my hubby bought me. i guess i have always been crazy for cream sweaters but i loved this one for its chunky knit and wider sleeves. i never dared to take it out again and only until yesterday i decided to just try it on. i was pretty surprised to find that the fit was actually pretty cute still, especially with the sleeves cuffed.



i received it today! you know, my blouse i got from fancyfrenchcologne...i mentioned it on my last post. it got here in a day :) they were offering the peach and black one but i think i mentioned a couple times how much i wanted this color instead ;) and they were super sweet enough to offer this to me instead! how awesome right...it was a nice start to my week and i've been all smiles so far :) although there would be nothing like a shopping trip to the city this weekend but i doubt it's going to happen. i miss the little boutiques in the city where you can get really affordable and one of a kind pieces. ever since i left the city i was always on a mission to find those same brands online or somewhere closer. fancyfrenchcologne is actually one of those boutiques but it's online. i started a wishlist already...


these boots are not acne.

...but they look a lot like the acne pistol's and i got them at such a good price! i wish these were in black too. i'm really loving these right now...these and my suede elbow patch grandpa cardigan - both from f21!

anyway, i'm so excited. i redeemed some of my chic points on chictopia for a super cute blouse that i can't wait to get - and when i do, expect a post! i actually saw the same blouse on a another website last week and i was dying for it. but stay tuned for that! i also finally got a slouchy chunky sweater. it's on it's way and i can't wait to wear it over all my silky and blousy tops :) big smiles!!!!

tank, cardigan, boots, diy necklace & gold nail polish from f21, levi's shorts, vintage blue bag


out of this rut.

out of this rut
i've been feeling this gloom lately. i tried a little retail therapy a couple days ago but that didn't really help. didn't find anything i really LOVED. i needed a little shopping inspiration so i browsed around online and these are things i found that would definitely get me out of this rut.
it's always hard for me to find the perfect boot. this fall i just want a black lace up boot with about a 3-4 inch wooden heel. it has to fit perfect in my wardrobe and go with most everything in my closet. and i need one to wear anywhere so it has to be comfortable. i still haven't found it and it's just been the biggest challenge. i think the lita's and the black clog would fit in nicely .
i want baggy and chunky sweaters to wear over all these pretty silk blouses. i'm really feeling the late 70's/early 80's and a brown floppy hat and halter bodysuits are just that.

ughh...all this wanting!


disco disco.

when my parents and most other filipino parents say 'disco' twice, 'disco' turns into a verb. it then means 'dancing'. i'm not going dancing or anything but i do feel like celebrating :)

Yumi Kim Joey Blouse, f21 shorts, h&m belt, deena & ozzy shoes


sheer purple.

i'm so excited for some news i received yesterday (that i will definitely share soon because it does have something to do with my blog!)...i really can't contain myself! but i guess my excitement is being balanced out by my children's behaviors right now! they all surprisingly took naps today so they've re-energized. meaning double the fun for me... hay ya yay...

anyways, the clothes...my new favorite jeans i've been living in since i got them on monday and a really pretty blouse i was surprised to find at forever 21.

forever21 blouse, bdg jeans, jc attics, vintage gucci


song of the week.

just came back from my nephew's b-day party. the in-laws are always entertaining. all love. this is what i wore...nothing great, just casual.

asos flutter sleeve bed jacket, f21 tank, bdg jeans, vintage gucci bag, report moccasins

a friend posted this on facebook. def an all time fave and currently my theme of the week. enjoy...


open up.

i love this blouse from forever21. it's a copy of an elizabeth & james top i wanted last year. i love it opened up to make it look more like a bed jacket or cover up. forever21 also made this in a knit jersey for only 13.50 but i like it more in a flowy chiffon.
how was everyone's weekend? i hope well! i had a really fun and busy weekend. spent a lot of time with family and received some things in the mail. i will share this week! :)


blue jay.

soooo...i bought this top from forever a couple days ago. i took outfit pics yesterday but because it's such a light color i couldn't capture the details. i think it turned out a little better this time...well good enough to post. i saw this top as a dress on my last shopping trip to the city about 2 weeks ago and loved it so when i saw this top version, i was super excited. i also got this nail polish to wear with the top. it's such a pretty blue, it kind of brings out the blue hues on my clutch.


song of style contest.

song of style is definitely on the top of my favorite and most frequented blogs. she always mixes different styles so flawlessly. i think that is her signature look, mixing different things you wouldn't expect. i'm entering her contest where i have to browse threadsence and choose 3 pieces under $150 for aimee to wear. here are my picks...

the 'all warm and fuzzy turtleneck poncho' for $36
the 'best of both suede shorts' for $30
and the silver chain headband by GOVIL for $56

that totals out to a $122 super chic bohemian outfit :)

okay...crossing fingersss...