navy blush.

h&m blouse, lucca couture shorts, jeffrey campbell wedges, f21 sunglasses

hello, the mac!  as you may know, my laptop crashed or caught a virus and i never thought to use our mac.  my husband took it apart or did some things to it and told me not to use it a few months ago so i kind of forgot about it.  i turned it on and it's fine!
anyway, i'm really loving all this sun.  despite me not having a computer, or not knowing i had a working one, i took every advantage to continue taking photos for the blog.  these were taken tuesday and again by my little brother.  he's getting the hang of everything and i'm getting used to his shooting rhythm.
i'm really liking this blush and navy combo.  i guess it's kind of like color blocking just not with the bright and bold colors.  i do need more solids in my closet.  not necessarily for color blocking but just because i have sooo many prints!    

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water under the bridge.

f21 tank, j brand lovestory dark vintage, vintage clutch

i've been computerless and sunless for about a week...i don't know how i'm surviving.  the rain finally went away but my laptop is still being repaired.  my little brother jojo got a camera for his birthday.  he's been testing out his photography skills so why not ask him to be my photographer!  these were shot yesterday.  this look is so simple and basic, i didn't plan to do this shoot.  i was pretty much just testing out a new photographer ;)   we drove by this hidden bridge on the way to his house.  it turned out being this trail that led underneath the overpass with a stream running under.  it was a pretty cool discovery.



 yumi kim ruby tank in tribal print c/o yumi kim, vintage sweater embervintage, uo shorts, steven boots, vintage clutch

it was date night last night and hubby and i went to villa corona in the napa valley.  delicious mexican food!  their sopitos are my favorite.  if you're ever in that area, i highly suggest them for mexican.  i wish i could've had much better scenery for this look but the rain and mud permits me from my usual trees and parks settings.
i really love black and white prints and that's one thing i have a ton of in my closet.  i love mixing them with brown leather accessories.  i also love pairing bold prints like this one with soft textured knits.  i guess you can call them my "rules".  another rule i have is to mix different lengths together.  like how i did with these shorts and this below the knee cardigan.  of course, i break these rules all the time.  after all, rules were made to be broken...or at least we're always tempted to break them...

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first giveaway.

topshop kimono, j brand 910, f21 t shirt, zara sandals

so it's going to rain for at least the next 5 days, boo.  my daughter starts spring break as of 12:30 today so we better get some sun in the next week.  this was taken yesterday when it was actually sunny all day.  i didn't plan to do this shoot yesterday but the sunshine was so tempting.  i was rushing out the door because i was late to pick up my daughter from school and realized i wasn't very fond of my choice in bottoms and shoes when i got in the car and started driving.  good thing i kept my flat moccasins in the car to run errands in. 

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stone cold fox is one of my favorite brands.  i absolutely love all their crochets, flowy blouses and 70's silhouettes .  i instantly fell in love with the diego skirt and the drifter blouse.  i managed to order the blouse, as posted  here but was so bummed when a month later i was notified my order had to be cancelled due to the store no longer carrying the brand.  i was so disappointed.  so ever since, i had been on a hunt to find something similar and came across this peach blouse on lulus.  it's more similar to american golds wild horses blouse because of the criss-cross straps but it was the shorter length in the front that i reeally loved about it.  perfect with my crochet skirt, also from lulus that is also similar to the scf diego skirt.  i just ordered the blouse and i'm so excited about it!  now i NEED these asos platforms and i'll be all set for the first wedding we'll be attending this year in may!!!   


geometry class.

i'm so into the 60's right now.  its bold colors, bold shapes, bold prints...i need them.  i'm also in need of a haircut and looking through googled images of "brigette bardot hair" i got inspired to put together this board.  i actually had to buy two of these items!  excited to wear them in my new 'do. 

geometry class
i'm so into the 60's right now.  its bold colors, bold shapes, bold prints...i need them.  i'm also in need of a haircut and looking thr

ough googled images of "brigette bardot hair" i got inspired to put together this board.  i actually had to buy two of these items!  excited to wear them in my new 'do. 



target jacket, on tank, yaya tap shorts

i was real honored to be one of the three chosen to compete in yesterday's bloomingdales contest.  it was real close!  such a big tease!  lol  i found it strange because someone told me they voted at the very last second and saw the end result was 2%, 50% and 49% split which equals 101%.  all the other contest results/winner fliers shows the percentage split except for the day i competed in.  either way, it was pretty nice to have been chosen. and thank you to all that voted, i definitely felt the love :)

so after the 3 hours of craziness, my husband treated me to some sushi and a little shopping afterward to make me feel better.  the sushi sure did it but i'm loving this honey brown biker jacket.  it looks so good with everything in my closet.  be prepared to see a lot of it soon!  B)


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easily spotted.

f21 blouse, j brand dolls, zara bag & sandals 

first off, happy birthday to my baby brother, joseph!  can't believe he's 17 already!!  these were taken at a park on the way to celebrate his birthday.  we had a nice time with the family.  it was a lot of fun with really good food and i can not forget about the sippy cup mystery.  
anyway, i am loving my new blouse.  love the polka-dots, the colors and that it's so easy to wear.  i thought it went so well with my j brand bells that i've been getting so many questions about since this look here was featured on denimology.  i thought these were the 'lovestory's' but they're actually the 'dolls' which has the same exact shape just a higher rise.
a little lesson or some words to go by:
if you're truly happy, you don't need to put others down and you shouldn't have anything to prove.  insecurities become very obvious.


can't stop us.

h&m top, j brand lexington flares from ebay, zara sandals, asos bag 

despite the tsunami and flood alerts today, my sister and i were determined to take our long awaited trip to the city.  i think the last time we went together was over a month ago.  on our way there, we were exchanging stories about our kids and how they can sometimes just drive us insane.  venting is always part of the process of gaining back our sanity.  most of the process is of course, shopping!  ...a beard papas too ;)

we found a bunch of things in this most pretty blush color at h&m.  it looks so good on tan skin and dark hair.  that's us :)  i'm sure it looks good on everyone else, it's just really so pretty.  i ended up leaving with only this top in this color and a few other things.  my sister got this blouse and these sandals also, the definite best finds of the day.  this was a really good shopping trip, i'm so exited about all my buys!