prints charming.

this is another yumi kim blouse i’ve had for a while now. it’s another piece in my closet i want to keep and possibly hand down to my girls. the print and style are so subtle and pretty. the shorts are from zara. the shape of these shorts kind of just blurr into a blob because it’s black but i promise you in person it’s really cute.


  1. I love the new look of your blog! And LOVE how your hair is ombre too! Yeah I get weird/confused looks when I try to explain it to other ppl too. But as long as we know, who cares haha. It looks great on you! That blouse is pretty, I love the colours and I know Zara shorts so even though it may look like a blob, I totally take your word for it, they still look cute in these photos! Are you wearing the JC Splendids too? I think I saw them in a prev post. I love the tan suede!

  2. Love the outfit ! Especially the shoes and the colour of the nails. I'll follow your blog from now on for sure! Hope you want to follow me too.


  3. Wow this is an awesome outfit everything is so perfect and I am so in love with your blouse the colour and shape is beautiful xoxo