sunshine in my pockets.

f21 top, arc & co shorts via lulus, aldo boots & uo bag

a few new favorites; these yellow high waist shorts, these boots that look so much like rodarte by opening ceremony's and this lace and chiffon button-up.  be prepared to see these jump in with my other heavily rotated pieces.  i've been trying to not do that too much, such a bad habit of mine. 

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melody dress c/o dolce vita, honey punch knit via tobi, kelsi dagger shoes & kimchi blue clutch

for no particular reason i have never tried a 'mullet' or hi-low skirt until i was sent this pretty dress.  when i first put it on, i realized i've been missing out.  it's such a fun shape.  when the weather becomes warmer, i will show off its racer back straps and lace-up front.  but for now a nice comfy knit feels perfect over it, giving me a skirt in the meanwhile.  way too pretty and wispy, i needed to toughen it up with my ankle strap sandals.  now it's perfect.  ...off to ballet practice ;)


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new new.

more instagram pics 

  i was actually supposed to be cleaning out my closet this morning but i ended up
 putting some spring looks together.  this is just one of them.

i finally got my own ysl parisienne
after "testing" my sisters for the past few months. i looove ittt...     

what i wore out for some pho on friday.
 the tweed motorcycle jacket i wanted to tag
 at the xxi grand opening event. 


that's just half of it.

zara blouse, yumi kim shorts (c/o), kimchi blue shoes, h&m bag

still very much in love with this zara top.  these shorts i'm wearing is actually another romper gifted to me by yumi kim.  i'm still deciding whether to keep it as a romper or cut the top half off so i can comfortably wear them (to death) this spring.  i love this print so much.  i wish i had it in a button up shirt and a dress. 

these were taken last week when we were having spring weather.  i wasn't sure whether to post these or redo this outfit in different scenery but since it is way too cold to even think of wearing shorts (just looking at these photos are giving me goosebumps on my legs) i thought i would because this is my favorite look of the moment.              


my monday.

asos, zara, beginning boutique, f21 neon top, vintage floral print top
happy MLK day, all! hope you're enjoying your monday however it's spent. i'm here at home with the kids finding ways they can earn stars for their reward chart. if you have kids, this is the best kind of bribery ;)  they've also been telling me what they learned at school about civil rights and activism.  one thing i love about my girls is their compassion and how sensitive they are to others' feelings.  if there is one thing you have to teach kids it's that.  that will take them a long way.

 anyway, on a lighter note i've been trying to figure out what i don't need in my closet and how i can use or reinvent the pieces i do want to keep. i'm having a hard time because i have things in colors i can't work with and rompers that i only want the bottom part to. and other "issues" but who cares... i started this "panicking" and bought some shorts in primary colors (except the black pair). i've decided that primary is my new neutral. and these are a couple new tops i took snapshots of while trying on.


in short.

zara knit, romper worn as shorts c/o yumi kim, kimch&blue platforms, vintage clutch

completely obsessed with navy blue, floral prints, chunky gold and these suede platforms.  so more of that to come!  but if we finally get some rain, maybe not the platforms.  and speaking of, i'm so proud of myself.  second (blogged) outfit of the year and no suede booties!  ...babysteps ;)



i had so much fun at xxi on saturday.  i want to thank them, especially allie again for such a fun experience and for inviting me. it was pretty cool walking up to the front of the long line and being let in before everyone else.  there was a local radio station inside with dj's on 2 of the 3 floors.  music blasting. the videographer was following me waiting for my indecisive self to finally tag something.  i finally did and i was filmed tagging it and then later interviewed at the 3rd floor.  i'm so afraid to see it. 

here are the photos my brother was able to take.   i was given 5 signs to post on my 'crushes' throughout the store and it was really hard narrowing them down.  most of the things i wanted to tag were on mannequins or on display so it was hard to pin point them with my signs.  i love my clutches, especially colored ones for this spring/summer so i tagged - and purchased the scalloped one i was wearing in the previous post.   i also tagged a pretty magenta and burgandy printed blouse that i would wear with black shorts, a chunky geometric gold ring and round metal frame sunnies.  i also loved the navy polkadot skirt on the mannequin.  there was a tweed(ish) cream motorcycle jacket i really wanted to tag but there were only 2 left. 



stockton & market.

f21 clutch/purse, zara knit & boots & lyell fletcher shorts

taken today on stockton & market right across the street from the new xxi in the city. went there for the grand opening event, photos from that to come but you can check out my instagram photos i posted here
loving my new fringe boots...it makes wearing shorts without the boring tights in the middle of winter a little more acceptable.   


all new.

i don't know about all of you but as soon as january hits, all i want to wear and shop for are spring clothes.  not exactly warm spring wear but new colors and lighter fabrics...anything non-holiday-ish.  if you are anything like me and are in the san francisco area on 7th of this month, drop over to the grand opening of the new Forever21 on Stockton St and get your shop on.  i'll be tagging my picks throughout the store so you check them out there.  ...here's a printable coupon you can use for that day :)