jump the gun.

thrifted moth crochet bed jacket also worn here, old navy loose tank, f21 shorts

i'm such in a spring state of mind.  i'm interested in looser fitting shorts, crochet, washed silk and baggy blouses... 


of the two.

being that the mmm ankle boots are nearly $900, i went for the stone cold fox drifter top.  it's everything i need right now and i love that it's hand made to order.  it was an impulse buy because i surprisingly found it at a reasonable price.  i was supposed to be saving up for something else but i promised myself i'd wear it everyday...i want to but don't worry, i most likely won't.   


winter at the beach.

it's one thing to be wearing shorts in the middle of winter but to be at the beach in them is another, right?  i know, i'm silly.  i actually would sit at the beach everyday in the winter just not in shorts.  although, it wasn't too cold...it was quite nice to feel the warmth of the sun on my legs.  i got these crocheted shorts from charlotte russe back in december.  they ran a little big so i had to alter them and it was kind of difficult working with the crochet trim.  i'm regretting not getting them also in the cream, they're adorable and i was surprised to even find some there.  i'm wearing them with a diy feather necklace, bdg. silk blouse and ebay boots.   


best dressed.

can you believe it's almost february??  when i think of february, the first thing that comes to mind is valentine's day :D  every valentines day my hubby treats me to a little shopping and then dinner at a restaurant of my choice.  last year he bought me something i really wanted online, i think some jc's and then i chose for dinner, sushi with the kids and then cupcakes afterwards.  this year, i'm hoping to have a babysitter so we could kind of 'go out' a little more.  i've been looking around for dresses for valentine's day and also for some weddings we'll be attending this year.  four to be exact.  yumi kim, like i always rave is a brand with pieces i always feel were made just for me.  here are some i found and styled.  some are on sale and there's an additional 20% off with the code 'yksale20'. 


things for sale.

here are a couple things i have up on ebay right now, please take a look at them :)

sam edelman fritz bows and arrows clog
as seen here on fashiontoast.  buy it here

slouchy sweater very similar to the one worn by fashiontoast here.
buy it here.
three left!!


there will come a time.

zara top, shoes and bag, lyell fletcher shorts, uo sunglasses

i drove around today in this gorgeous weather(!!!) looking for scenery to kind of compliment my little 60's look i have going here.  i ended up at the clocktower and there was a party being held there so i drove to the back to get shots against the wall.  from behind the building there was such a pretty view of the bridge and some old naval ships that i was trying to incorporate because my outfit has kind of a sailor feel to it but the lighting didn't allow me to.  i discovered a lot of spots great for photographs and i remembered how pretty and very historic this town is.



f21 blazer, t by alexander wang shirt, joe's jeans legging jeans, aldo wedges

today we went to a park in a neighboring city where the zodiac killer was rumored to have lived or done some of his murdering.  if you've ever seen the movie zodiac, i think a bit of it was filmed in this park.  i took a shot of the eerie looking cabin behind it.  looking at these pictures now, it looks like the park was a little creepy.  but really though, the park was so pretty and calming with the sun positioned softening the contrast between the clear sky and the dark wintry trees and branches along the still lake.


life's a beach.

urban outfitters top & jeans, f21 belt, hat & cape cardigan, zara shoes

i picked up my daughter from school today and asked her if she wanted to go to beach.  she loooves the beach.  she didn't believe me at first but as soon as we passed up the turn to go back home, she became thrilled.  i asked her how school was and she said she had a nice day and that she couldn't believe she had "eight more hours" until the Annie play!  she kind of calculated that wrong but she's been waiting almost two weeks for her class field trip to watch a play.  she loves broadways and musicals and things like glee so it's a pretty big deal for her ;)  she also added that, "on top of that we're going to the beach!"
i couldn't agree with her more, it was a nice day.  it was a perfect way to top it off by sitting on a log at the beach in the warm sun.