casual high.

so i know i said i would try to stop doing so many outfit posts but i forgot about this outfit and the shorts were from my last trip to sf that i told you guys i would show my 'scores' from. this is what i wore on fourth of july. i'm not very into fireworks and all the festive things for that holiday so the highlight of that weekend would have to be my trip there to sf. there were a lot sales including gap where all the stella things were additional half off. i grabbed basically everything in my girls' and boys sizes that i could find. i found a lot and spent about a hundred bucks. my eldest got most but she goes to school so it makes more sense. i also scored on days of the week briefs for my little boy for only $2.50. love that! and, so sad but that's the last time stella will be selling her line there... :( anyway, i also saw nick verreos from project runway at zara...he was wearing sunnies - inside zara, but i could recognize his beard anywhere and he was chosen to do the macy's float for the gay pride parade that weekend...or last? so that was def him.

so, here's what i wore that day...a love 21 tank, high waisted khaki shorts, uo sandals and vintage jewelry

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