aaaand exhale...ahhhhhh
fridays are always a relief. i painted my nails this color last night. i know i'm in serious need of a manicure but there's no point when you're washing your hands a thousand times a day! it's ginger bells by opi and i just love this shade, it's so vintage-y. it went well with this vintage inspired stripe top from f21 that i got back in february. (it's back in stock) i wore the heck out of it when i first got it. a few things i've been waiting for all week have finally come in...can't wait to show you!
anyway, my daughter had the Flat Stanley project and her uncle in NY was so nice to take her around. we're so jealous of "Stanleya". we wish could travel like her!



i saw these at h&m on friday in the city but there was only one left and there was a bad scratch on the lens. i went the to other h&m there but they didn't have any at all. then i saw a girl wearing these on another blog and they were terribly cute on her so i just felt worse thinking there was just no more hope. SO, long story short, i found them today at the concord h&m! so so sooo excited! these remind me of the chanel 5018 half tints nicole richie and mk have. those are insane. seriously insane, they cost over a 'g'. but i can't wait to wear these with my f21 printed silk tank i featured on my 'forever find.' post...the second one.

this is me in my car right after i got them 8) i'm wearing my dolce vita beverly top which i just ordered in white on thursday! can't wait to get it!



i love m.i.a.! and she's back...

someone leaked her stuff and she wrote on facebook, "if ur gonna leak my song u might as well do it right here you go, a post card from waziristan...

pretty awesome postcard!


forever finds.

i've found a lot of cute stuff and good deals these last couple days. i'm trying to save up for a purse but i've just been on this streak and it's messing it up for my purse! it's always bad timing for me. i found some stuff online on shopdv yesterday and then out shopping today.

today i went shopping in downtown sf. it's kind of my sister and i's ritual to go friday mornings. we don't go every week but we almost do. we get there at 9:30 and we hit up f21 first. it's nice to have the store to ourselves. after that we have the rest of our routine. today i was focusing on clothes shopping for the kids and i found a lot of really good deals.

i hadn't found anything i absolutely loved at f21 in a while so when i went today, it was a pleasant surprise. i found these 2 REALLY cute tops! i also got a simple double finger ring and two ballerina pendant necklaces for my 2 girls but the sales guy forgot to put them in my bag. i realized i didn't have them when i got home so i called them and the manager was nice enough to have them sent to me.

the first top is - oh my gosh a dorable. i love all of its details...even the blouson style which i've gotten tired of in the last few years. this top was def love at first sight. my sister got one too.

the second top, i had to think twice about. usually when i do that it ends up back on the rack, but i imagined it with bug-eye sunnies, my big 60's hair and my new platforms. then, i fell in love.

i also got a pair joe's jeans leggings for 19.99 from anthropologie! i had been eying them for a while now and i was so excited to see they still had them in my size! LOVE it when that happens!

excuse those marsala wine bottles in the backround! hee hee


styled. silk ivory blouse.

this silk ivory blouse is a definite staple. it is very versatile and i played dress up for you to see :)
my photographer (my hubby) was in a hurry to get ready for work so i couldn't fully style my outfits...i wanted to add more accessories and change my 'do for each one :(

1. casual:
add comfy leggings and otk boots for an easy chic look.
f21 OTK brown suede boots, leaf necklace & black fab find leggings

2. belted:
give it a different look by belting it up.
f21 belt, j brand jean leggings, jeffrey campbell acorns

3. sweet:
adding a primary color makes it look sweet and fun and platforms make it on-trend.
f21 fab find shorts, jeffrey campbell franklins

4. clean canvas:
the blouse can act as a platform to any statement piece. you are all familiar with the "statement necklace", just pick one...
f21 vintage inspired layered beaded necklace, j brand 910, jeffrey campbell acorns

5. flirty:
tuck it into a pretty printed skirt.
urban outfitters skirt, jeffrey campbell tea

bdg by urban outfitters ivory silk hi low hem top

the city.

it premiers next week!!! i'm so excited! i saw this link on a blog i follow and i thought i would share. olivia palermo is on my best dressed list. i love how she mixes her high end designer pieces with more affordable pieces, like from zara and urban outfitters. her hair is always perfect and she accessorizes so well! check it out >>> here... :) <<<


playing dress up.

i love these looks collages. it's like playing dress up online! these are a few things on my wishlist at the moment. i do have a couple checked off and i'm crossing my fingers for a couple more soon! :)


not much at all.

ehh...nothing really exciting about today but nothing bad either. it was a nice warm sunday with the family. first we went to church and my 4 year old, chloe dawn lead the prayer at sunday school. she was so proud and of course so was i. we had chinese food for dinner and went to visit my mother in law before she left on her 3 month vacation to the philippines.

as i was looking at a another blog, my 6 year old daughter calise olivia peeks over my shoulder and she says, "those girls look drunk. are they on drugs?" when you think about it, why do editorials always make the models look like that?? glamorizing that kind of stuff is horrible...especially for younger girls still trying to find their identities. it says, 'i'm lost, i don't care about myself and that makes me so cool, that's why i'm famous and desirable and in this magazine.' i'm glad my daughter notices those things and addresses them to me. i always have the opportunity to let her know that stuff is bad.

these pics were taken with my iPhone...i really need my new camera (ahem husband)

zara white top 15, silence+noise pleat detail jeans 19.99




check out the marc by marc's...almost looks like my jeffrey campbell franklins! yaay! and those are my first choice but i dream of the swedish hasbeens...and the rest of them...ha! :D


...short for Discovery Kingdom :) we got season passes for the family and we went today. we planned to go last week but it rained so the kids have been counting down the days this whole week. they had so much fun. when i was looking for something to wear, looking through my closet i realized all i had were printed silk tanks and blouses. when i think about it, whenever i'm shopping for tops or any type of clothing for that matter, i look at the quality and the longevity of the fabric and if it is a knit i know that 98% of the time it WILL pill after 1 or 2 wears or definitely after a wash and dry. so i skip it. that is the main reason why i don't have any casual knits that i could just wear to 'DisKi'. and we have a season pass so that means i really have to find more good quality knits. ...anyway, one of the only knit tops i own is this erin wasson for rvca top and that's why i wore it...to DisKi. i thought, 'is it smart to wear a $55 top to a theme park?' but i hadn't worn it yet and i've been really excited to wear it so, heck, i wore it.

why aren't there any quality knits out there anymore? :(

anyway, here are a few pics that i took...

i didn't see how my daughters were posing in the last pic until after taking it. those poses look familiar lol! they crack me up!

f21 fab find jeans 12.50, urbanoutfitters sandals 30, blackbird double finger ring 4, casio gold watch, gold leaf bangle, vintage gucci bag


in my head.

sooo...i am really excited. i just ordered another pair of jc's and while i await its arrival, i have already been playing dress-up with them...in my head :) i have this erin wasson for rvca top i got a month ago that i haven't worn yet so i'm excited about that too. i imagine the shoes with the rvca top and a pair of cut-off jean shorts. i also have a bunch of other springy tops i haven't worn yet that would def go with the shoes...they were just waiting for pkatforms! i had been on a hunt for comfy platforms that i can wear around my kids...so not too high and more casual. i've always seen these on urbanoutfitters.com but never considered them because of the cork. but when they featured these on a model modelling jeans, i totally changed my mind. what won me is the laced up strap around the ankle, it makes it such a sweet and chic shoe. someone reviewed the shoe and said the cork is darker in person. ahhhh...i cannot wait...


sunday loungin.

i went to church today and then to the fabric store afterwards to get some thread to hem these awesome jeans...went home, had lunch, hemmed the jeans and then we had some family over. it was pretty nice considering it was a rainy sunday, the last day of my daughter's spring break.
i was able to get these shots taken before my family came over...

i got this top last month at h&m and i've already worn it several times...it's one of my favorite pieces right now! and these are my new favorite jeans by j brand. they are the chalayan hussein leggings in indigo. they retailed at $248 and i found them on sale for $70! and they still had my size!! these are my favorite shoes at the moment also. they are the jeffrey campbell acorns...i've been on a hunt for wooden platforms and/or clogs and these are satisfying my craving until i find the perfect pair - which are not too high, comfy and not going to hurt my wallet either! these earrings, i found on lulus.com...i love them! they look super cute with the alexander wang side braid.


mi madre.

here's my mother back in 1979 with my older brother. i'm planning to go to my parents house to scan some of her oldschool pics that has always inspired me as a kid and still does until now.

in college she designed her own clothes and had her landlady downstairs sew them together. her colleagues looked up to her for her fashion sense and was often approached by strangers asking her about her clothes.

my favorite and very inspirational photo she has is one of her wedding. her hair and dress were not very conventional, it reminded me of pricsilla presley. she had the 60's prominent brow-bone eye-shadow look and the wavy but sleek hair. her dress was a kind of a modern juliet from romeo & juliet dress.

anyway, i could go on and on but until next time this is the only pic i can share for now.

see you soon x's, o's & <3


hello my name is megan rose. donatila is my mother's name. for everything that i love and stand for, my mother plays a great role. she is my main inspiration when it comes to fashion. and since fashion is the main focus of my blog, i thought it was more than appropriate to name it partly after her.

i started this blog on a whim tonight right before i was going to retire to bed. i wish i could share more but i will just have to leave you with this picture of part of what i wore today...

12th st. by cynthia vincent top, f21 belt & ring, rgb nail polish

see you soon and i'm really excited about this! can't wait to start sharing so much with all of you!

x's, o's & <3