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f21 sweater, zara shorts, converse shoes

Why Converse Shoes are Still Popular

We’ve all heard of the iconic brand Converse. We see it in almost every shoe shop or designer shop
we step into - but what is it that’s made the brand so popular? From young and old, to men and
women - everyone is rocking the Converse look!

Footwear has always been a vital necessity in everyone’s wardrobe - but what is it about Converse
shoes that make people go crazy over them? Whether it’s their prolific sponsorship, their
connections with the music industry, or their unique sense of style, the fact remains that Converse is
one of the nation’s most popular items of footwear.


Could Converse shoes be so popular because of how comfortable they are? No matter what the
occasion, these items are the perfect style accompaniment and offer high levels of comfort.

Going to a festival this year? Converse are perfect for walking through the mud and the rain or, if
you’re lucky, the sun as well! With Converse, comfort can also tie in with fashion. You can wear
Converse shoes with pretty much anything you wear, allowing you to create a range of stylish outfits
that are as practical as they are attractive.


Everywhere you look someone famous is wearing converse shoes – from Lindsay Lohan to Ben
Affleck. Not only this, but the styles of Converse shoes are changing all the time and embracing new
changes constantly. There are a huge range of colours, patterns and styles that are designed to suit
everyone’s tastes.

Take high top converse shoes for example. You can create your own shoe surrounding this style,
designing them to your own specifications in order to create a unique shoe that no one else will


Alongside the style and comfort, Converse shoes are also incredibly practical for those of us who are
active on their feet. Suitable for skateboarding and basketball, Converse shoes have always proved
versatile. The ever-growing popularity of the shoe is shown through the youth of today who are
routinely seen sporting this fashionable footwear.

Converse come in numerous styles that offer incredible versatility; with both high and low top styles
available. Colours, patterns and designs also vary and allow these shoes to cater to the tastes of all
ages, genders and demographics.


light as a feather.

zara top & shorts (want these black pair) shoes from target

a simple and comfy outfit.  i made an effort a few months ago to put this top away because i can wear the heck out of it - i didn't know woven polyesters could pill.  these shorts are the shortest i've ever gone but as long as i'm wearing sleeves or flats i think i'll be okay.  


walls are cracking.

zara blazer, tee & shoes, shorts c/o urban1972necklace c/o albeit, old clutch via urban outfitters

yay!  finally got some blogging in!  couldn't work with the weather last week.  it was either too hot - triple digits or too windy and gloomy.  so i get either a cranky photographer or pics of me eating my hair. 

 i literally have to stop myself from wearing this blazer everyday.  i've already worn it to church with a short flared zara skirt, to mine and my hubby's anniversary dinner and then with cropped jeans to a meeting yesterday in the city.

it's already thursday and i'm not sure i'm ready for next week - the girls will be back in school! eek!  but they did get the teachers i was hoping for so i'm anticipating another successful year!   


triangle scribbles.

sheer printed blouse via piperlime, zara shorts & shoes, 'c' necklace c/o albeit, bar necklace via etsy, similar here

i'm really overdoing button downs + cutoffs this summer.  it's the easiest combination, completely no-fail.  i was doing a google search for more blouses, big surprise ;) and ended up on buffalo.  and if you follow me on instagram i posted a pic of a denim jump suit that i tried on.  this + this on that site looks just like it and would be totally cute!  want!