and if you even dare.

on my way to the post office this morning i heard 'bingo' by m.i.a. on pandora and then it all came back to me...she was the first person (to me at least) to pull off the ombre hair so chicly. i loved her over grown roots and shoulder length hair. then, the spring/summer of 2007 i would have never dared to do that. 'space' went on pandora too...i was so juiced! LOVE that song!!


  1. I love m.i.a.! I haven't heard her new album yet - I'm sad it's getting bad reviews =( Speaking of ombre hair, yours is looking good! I'm working on lightening mine but it's hard!

  2. thanks kristine :) yeah, it was hard. first i had to bleach it and then dye it dark ash blonde...my poor hair. it still has some orange tones i don't like but i'm gonna leave like this for now. i heard snippets of most of m.i.a.'s new album, i thought it was pretty good...anyway, thanks for stopping by! xo, megan

  3. This color looks really good. It looks more natural on you.