things i still want.

random picks that make a really cute outfit together.  and it also includes my current favorite color combo of burgandy and blush.  i guess it was all a subconscious thing.  these are more free flowing pieces as opposed to the structured basics i've been really into lately.  my intent was to pair and balance one of these pieces with said structured and basics.  for example the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania leather jacket with a cream shift dress and these rag and bone boots.  Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, like these pieces have that rockabilly, free flowing draped on look that is always the perfect balance for structure.  *actually just received the cream blouse on monday...so in love with it, it's a stand-in for my silk stone cold fox drifter blouse.



zara cardigan, h&m blouse, f21 leather shorts, asos boots, vintage gucci clutch

trying to beat the sun, we had to go to the closest location which happened to be a school.  i guess it goes well with this outfit.  blush and burgandy is my favorite color combo at the moment.  and of course a little bit of leather is the perfect balance for this "smart" look.  my closet needs a little more basic knits and these designer knits by glass and oval would fit perfectly.


up and down.

zara knit & shorts, steven boots

on saturday my husband cooked dinner for my family and we all watched the fight.  this is what i wore, all zara.  i thought i was done with lace shorts but with free shipping, and paypal as payment method it was just too easy.  this one is a little different from my other umm ten or so.  i need to list some up on ebay before it gets too cold for shorts.  and for it only being september and indian summer has yet to come, i have a pretty good amount of knits.  i have a feeling this one will be my go-to knit this fall.  oh yeah, i still need to do a post on my hair.  i'm actually considering going a couple shades darker and am deciding whether i should keep my bangs or grow them out.  tough decisions...


birthday girl.

zara cardigan and bag, f21 tank, freeloader shorts via bamboo sky, sam edelman boots

today i celebrated my birthday.  this year we're keeping it low key.  so far my has hubby treated me to some cupcakes, thai food, shorts from from zara and he's looking for a new camera for me.  saturday, the celebration continues where he will be making his yummy tri tip, au gratin and sauteed spinach for dinner for my family.  possibly more photos to come from then.  


me & donatila.

thrifted sweater and clutch, lyell fletcher shorts, steven booties

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my mom is awesome.  i asked her if she could come over to watch my son while i went to a meeting.  she did and when i got home, my kitchen was clean!  she cleaned out my fridge too!  sooo thankful for her!  afterward we went thrifting together and she bought me a few things.  i found this sweater for $.50, i got a mesh/perforated long sleeve shirt by daryl k for $.75 and this clutch for $1.50...3 things for $2.75, love it.  it will be my birthday in a couple days and every year she loves to gift me with jewelry.  the diamond pendant i always wear is from her along with a rose pendant and because it's my birthstone, a bunch of sapphires.  she asked me what i wanted this year and i showed her the sapphire earrings and the sapphire rings on this uk based website.  the sapphire stud earrings would be nice and i really want the band with the  strip of sapphires, 2nd one 3rd row down.  it's lovely.     


denim session.

f21 blouse, vintage levi's cutoffs, steven boots

definitely didn't pull these shorts out as often as i did last summer.  i was actually making an effort not to but this secretary blouse needed something...not serious i guess?  how can anyone ever deny denim?  i was actually shopping for some for my hubby.  he needs help in that area sometimes but it always comes down to what he'll actually wear.  i found a bunch of diesel jeans and i will leave it up to him to decide from Box Clothing, a UK based company.  i hope he chooses the Jodar and the Koolter ;)
have an amazing weekend, lovelies!  <3

p.s. hair tutorial coming soon!  i will finally answer all of the hair questions i often receive...so ask away!  :)


grandpa's don't wear crochet.

generra t-shirt, sans souci crochet shorts, steven boots, f21 grandpa cardigan

i've shifted from what i mentioned on my last post onto girly shorts with frumpy sweaters.  unless you have been living under a rock, you probably checked out zara last night and even placed your very first online order - in the US anyway.  i did - at approximately 12:40 am.  i got a couple frumpy things and because i never found the perfect black biker jacket last year, i still wanted one and found one some where else for a really good price.  there are things i've always wanted but never got to get.  like this alexander mcqueen scarf.  i like how it kind of looks like tie-dye.  i've always liked it in this color and in this color as well.  and while we're on the subject of scarves, i found these that will be essential to my fall wardrobe.  the takita is my favorite.  i'm sooo excited for fall!!          


printed zebra.

love21 shirt, lyell fletcher shorts, zara bag, asos hat & steven boots

i've been pretty liberal with prints lately.  i should stop myself soon, i feel like a robot automatically reaching for these shorts, a printed top and suede boots everyday.

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lise's pieces & i need your vote!

today was my daughter, calise's birthday, she turned the big 8! ;)  here are a few instagram shots documenting a little bit of her special day.  she chose for me to make french vanilla cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting to share with her classmates.  i always make sure to bring treats over to class every year for her birthday, it's a great icebreaker and a nice way to make new friends in the beginning of the school year.  after her celebration dinner, we took her shopping for her birthday gift from mommy & daddy.  she chose the first 3 harry potter books and she was really happy with her choices.

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