hold it down.

it’s finally friday!! been seriously busy this week. rewarded myself with a little shopping trip to the city yesterday. i left my house at 2 to oakland to sell some clothes. i told myself if i made enough, i would take bart to the city. i made more than i expected and the guy that bought was pretty fast so i hopped on bart and did the fastest shopping ever...a really good one too because i found these really cute tops on sale. they were in black and cream and i could not decide on which color so of course, with my bad habit of buying things i love in every color, i bought both. they were the last two and both in my size and on sale...for a really really good price. i found the shorts i went specifically for, in my size and everything. it was very efficient and successful. i was trying to make it back home to get ready for church at 7:30 and i made it all in time. felt really good about yesterday so now i’m ready to enjoy the weekend…

here is an outfit from last week. i ordered this top a while ago and when i received it i didn't really like it. it has three layers of ruffles and the third layer was a little too much for me. i had been looking for these shorts forever and my sister found these on sale for $7 - last one, my size!! ...i think i mentioned that in an earlier post...but i tucked the third layer into these high waists to hold down the excess and the top looked a lot better.

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