cozy thing.

warehouse cardigan, zara top, pants & bag, sam edelman boots

oh my gosh i love this cardigan!  it has to be the warmest and coziest thing i own.  even my heaviest coat doesn't keep me this warm. 


my inner beja.

zara coat, t-shirt & bag, old uo jeans, sam edelman petty's, venita boutique bracelet, deathxchocolate planner/calendar

after going back and fourth about deciding whether to cut my hair or not, i finally made the decision last week to just go and do it...it's not really drastic anyway.  i went to mikey at diPietro Todd salon in walnut creek.  i forgot about my 'hair' board on pinterest and only took a look at it yesterday.  all the freja hair pics i had pinned looked just like my haircut!  i love what he did, he was really good at figuring out what technique would work best for me.  ...so if you're in the bay area, i highly suggest him!!  
since my haircut, i've been subconsciously putting freja (inspired) looks together like tee's, low rise jeans and lot's of black and grey and the chanel touch, like a tweed blazer/coat.  not too far from what i usually wear but i guess i just feel a little more edgy with my shorter hair : P  
anyway, since my schedule has been crazy lately with the holidays and the girls' school functions going on (...AND i'm so forgetful!) i have found it so easy remembering everything with this cute planner/calendar from death by chocolate that i carry around with me in my bag.  i remember all the items i want to bid on, things i have to ship out, dr's appointments and appointments with the girls' teachers.  i love its cute chevron print too. 


winter template.

zara coat, top, belt & bag, vintage levi's cutoffs, aldo boots

blouse + cut-offs + tights + winter coat (especially this one) + booties = default winter outfit.
there's a long story behind this coat starting even before i finally got my hands on it.  i should spare you all the details but i will mention it includes it only being available in the uk, sandro and discontinuation.  there is a new version of this coat in stores right now that i tried on and lusted over every time i went in.  i was ready to buy it but there was something about the fit on me i didn't like.  of course it looked cute on every one else i saw it on.  these are all my favorite pieces as i showed on instagram here last week.

fresh fall.

h&m top (similar heresimilar splurge ) zara skirt (similar one here)& bag, naughty monkey boots c/o

i used to love fall for its boots, coats, sweaters and colors until it felt a little too...cliche or monotonous maybe...  every year it's always a challenge to approach fall differently and give it a fresh take.  if you have been following my blog for at least a year you might already notice that i don't usually dress season appropriate.  i wear sweaters in the summer and shorts in the winter, cream in the fall and black during spring.  and for all of the above reasons, i've avoided tall boots for a long time.  these are probably the first i've liked and worn in the last 5 years.  i'll wear ankle boots or over the knee boots but i get way too picky with the 'normal' height boots.  i quickly put this outfit together as i was avoiding the typical browns, blacks and greys as i was craving color during this storm we had in the last few days.


loved tweed.

zara bag & jacket, t by a wang tee, forever21 jeans & sam edelman petty boots

oh my gosh, it feels so good to be back!  it's been over a month and it feels like forever.  let me fill you in :)  i got this tweed coat on friday and have already worn it with black jeggings to go see my cousins on saturday, to church yesterday with a black dress underneath and today for a quick trip back to the city.  if you already follow my instagram, you might be able to tell what else i've been into lately.  obviously with the current season we're in, texture is everything.  tweed and fluffy boucle knits are my obsessions.  button-up blouses and ankle boots are nothing new but nonetheless still around.
my sister and i went to our annual crazy black friday trip.  i did pretty good.  checked off my gift list and scored on a few things for myself.  i got this tweed coat and shoes from aldo and a fluffy boucle sweater that i am excited to soon share.  


blue silk.

vintage silk tee, insane jungle faux leather shorts, zara bag, aldo boots

i love the look and texture of this blue silk top, especially with these leather shorts.  i've had these for a couple months now and don't really know what i was waiting for before wearing them.  i'm excited to wear them with tights this fall.  




zara blouse & belt, old marc by MJ jeans, aldo boots

i wanted to remind everyone if you're in the area tomorrow to come by.  i would love to meet you and if you need help shopping for fall trends, i would more than be happy to shop with you!  and don't forget, you get a $10 gift certificate when you mention DonatilaRose!

i was given the trend, classic chic for tomorrow's show and i can't wait to wear the skirt i picked out!  and can you tell from my previous posts and instagram posts i've pretty much been living in chambray shirts half the time?  i love this dress here!


meet me this weekend!

i have partnered up with Macy's in this event happening this saturday, October 6 from 2-4pm and was so excited to see this poster in a few elevators in Macy's this past weekend!  i went to go shopping for the event on friday but had to go back today for more time to really decide.  there was just so much to choose from!  so many possibilities but it all came down to what i actually would wear at the moment.  see what i chose and meet me and the other bloggers participating!  mention DonatilaRose and receive a $10 gift card!      


Let's Chat

join me tonight, 9/26 to chat live @ 7pm!
astonish magazine will be featuring me for a live chat/interview about my blog, fall trends and whatever else you'd like to know!
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at long last.

zara blouse, minkpink shorts c/o bamboo sky, rocky id bracelet c/o style queen,  sam edelman shoes, vintage gucci clutch/purse

my new favorite shorts!!  too bad i only got them now - at the end of summer :(  i have about a good month left but i will be keeping these out to wear with tights this fall!  definitely!  this studded blouse on bamboo sky really caught my eye.  thankfully we can all get 10% off our entire purchase when we enter the code 'lovedonatila' at checkout! ;)  go knock yourselves out!

also, please join me at the event below this october 6th at macy's on union square in san francisco.  if you mention my blog, you will receive a $10 gift certificate to spend on one of your favorite fall trends.  i will remind you all again as event gets sooner!  :)


grey + tweed.

zara tee & skirt, aldo shoes

i'm so into tweed everything right now.  i like dressing it down with tees and cowboy booties like these aldo pair i found on their online shoe store back in february.  for sure one of the best purchases this year and possibly for a few more to go!  i always throw these on when i'm in a hurry and have no time to think about what shoes to wear.


simple as that.

f21 sweater, zara shorts, converse shoes

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light as a feather.

zara top & shorts (want these black pair) shoes from target

a simple and comfy outfit.  i made an effort a few months ago to put this top away because i can wear the heck out of it - i didn't know woven polyesters could pill.  these shorts are the shortest i've ever gone but as long as i'm wearing sleeves or flats i think i'll be okay.