a little too late.

now that it actually feels like summer, after we’ve been waiting and waiting, i don’t even want it anymore. it took advantage of us. it really did. i'm uncomfortable and i'm a little over skimpy tanks. the shorts will stay as long as i can wear tights.

f21 top, vintage shorts



yesterday was the goldenGrey photoshoot. it was really fun working with such talented people and i loved doing it. hope to post pics up soon. i loved everything they had and i'm keeping my eyes peeled for this mustard yellow cardigan to be available! i'm seriously going to snag it :)

later on that night i went out to celebrate my sister in law, stylesauce's birthday at era in oakland last night. she posted pics on her blog so check them out! it was so much fun, always good people and good music.

wore this minus the vest. wore my blazer from the previous post instead. i love that blazer...and this cream top. it's so flowy and easy. and i love this vest. i've been looking for the perfect one for a while now. this one is not so bulky but is enough to make a statement with.

today is is my sis' actual birthday, Happy Birthday StyleSauce!!!


something new.

or somethings

acid washed shorts
printed blazer

my husband and i experimented with the photos for the shorts. i liked how they turned out but we do need a little more practice...and a better camera.
and the photos for the blazer were taken later in the evening...when i'm worn out and the lighting is horrible.

also it's set, the photoshoot for goldenGrey is this weekend! i'm so excited! and here are my faves from gG


here you are.

so summer finally decides to come. it. is. hott. it's 105 degrees currently, i could not love our air conditioner more. i know i've been complaining about the cooler weather but are the extremes the only choices we get? well, two months of heat waves, i'm ready for you...i think...


checked off.

YAY! got these on my birthday wishlist checked off!
my brown clogs went on sale and got a price adjustment so there was no reason not to have them in black. been drooling over this beige top for everr! finally got it but in black. and a $5 skirt? yes please.

i'm smiling ear to ear...so excited :D

shopnastygal.com beige blouse, steve madden clogs, f21 leather shorts, f21 skirt


i'll keep my baggage.

i don't expect people to accept or understand my sense of style. but if you're behind me standing in line, i do expect you to be a little bit more mature and keep your closed-minded comments in your teeny tiny head. some girl yesterday at a theme park was making comments about my ombre hair. i don't take that sh!t. i turned around and she instantly shut up. i started telling my husband loudly that this closed minded immature girl behind me needed to shut the hell up. i think i put in a little more than i needed after that but she got me mad lol.
and just to add in my two cents, i wouldn't ever want to blend in with the crowd there at the theme park lol. i love that i'm the only one with my ombre hair, besides celebs and others on the web...i would rather have it that way.

today's sermon at church was about the problems we had (not at all pertaining to the above). that we shouldn't worry so much because not only is it temporary but others have it much worse. and as long as we have faith, we don't need to worry. our 'baggage' has been given to us because it is what will bring us to our potential and make us the people we are supposed to be.



i've had this top for a while now and never wore it...i got it last fall...don't know why, i always loved the detailing; horizontal panelling, u shaped hem and the color is a pale lavender. this whole outfit is $60; top is $15, shorts $2, clogs $40 and tights $3...love that...

sunshine&shadow from uo top, vintage thrifted levi's, leggs tights


basic friday.

so today my sister and i just planned to go and sell her clothes, have lunch at our fave mexican restaurant in oakland, cactus and then drop by f21 because we saw some really cute stuff online last night. i was in such a hurry this morning so i didn't really put any thought into my outfit today. i've pretty much been feeling that way this whole week. but anyway, after forever21 we ended up going to a few other stores. i wasn't trying to shop but we found a lot of good stuff. and then when i got home, i found that f21 just put up some leather shorts...and i was just there and did not see them! my super sweet sister in law, stylesauce was at another f21 and found them for me. love her!!! i've been searching for affordable leather(ette) shorts and missed out on a pair f21 had a month ago...they be will be so appropriate to ring in the 30's in! yes, i said it. 30. but i sure don't feel like it and i'm not letting a little number change the way feel.

but here are just a few things on my wish list...



i've been so anxious all week because my daughter started 2nd grade today. i'm sure i was more nervous than she was. she came home happy and excited about being a "big second grader" so i guess i could relax. but even still, she has new things to learn and new people to work with. all i need to know is that she will be happy. then, i can really relax.

anyway, i received my status sunglasses on monday - love them. this cardigan is from last fall. i loved it so much when i first got it. i wish i could 'update' it for this fall and give it dolman sleeves.

don't forget to check out goldenGrey daily, things are added everyday. and enter in the code 'firstlove' at checkout for 10% off! i'm dying over the 'heidi' dress!!


sheer shimmer.

i bought this top early spring and never wore it until today. i couldn't be more in the mood for this baggy, sheer, shimmery top.

i was contacted by a friend who just recently launched an online store, goldenGrey. must check it out, she has really cute stuff and she's so stylish herself. she just launched the store this past weekend. she asked me to model for her and i agreed to, i'm a little nervous but at the same time excited. and i can't wait to shop through all her finds and try them on!


parting ways.

had a great weekend. my cousin from chicago came to visit so that meant a weekend of cousinship. saturday we met up in the city and did some shopping. found some really cute stuff. we planned to take pics and i already had something planned to wear for that but i found this mustard silk top that just caught my eye. the shoulder has a little pucker detail. i think that's what it's called. i had my darker h&m shorts and tights on while shopping and i loved how it looked together while trying it on.
putting this silk mustard blouse together with my vintage levi's and brown clogs just completed the look i had in mind in the fitting room.
the pics turned out cute...i'll hopefully do an update with them!

here they are!
stylesauce, my sis in law is also in the pics!