dug way back in my closet today and pulled out this f21 polkadot top from last spring and these really old  grey marc by MJ jeans that i didn't even get in any shots.  they were updated with my brown floppy fedora and my new watch.  i was in my closet putting together some outfits for a few upcoming events i'll be attending and thought i'd put some use to the pieces i hold on to for sentimental reasons.
...so on that cheesy note, i must give a big thanks to all my readers, the friends i've made through blogging, all the sponsors i've gotten and will be working with soon.  i never thought all this photo-taking and rambling would bring these opportunities.  
this will probably be the last post of the year so i wish everyone a happy and blessed new year


while i wait.

f21 coat, t by alexander wang tee, bdg jeans, IM boots

even though winter just started, i can hardly wait for spring to arrive.  this happens to me every year when all the spring lines are presented.  but i'm tired of knits.  i didn't think i'd come to this when i was purchasing them like crazy eversince...summer.  but i have and i want floral prints, wovens and chiffons.  and of course, shorts!  until then, i have this fuzzy coat to keep me warm in t shirts and woven tops. 

i've been meaning to do a post on this eyebrow kit sent to me by anastasia a couple of months ago.  i've been using it eversince and after learning how to use it, watch how to here, i've been able to keep up perfect eyebrows quickly and easily.  



want it, get it.

today i went shopping with my mom-that's me in her car, and found some things i had been wanting for a while.  didn't expect to get any of them crosed off my list or to even have found them today but i'm not complaining.  i found a perfectly fuzzy coat at f21 (that i replaced its pearl buttons with gold vintage looking ones) and i finally got a watch of much better quality than my tumblr famous casio.  i was inspired by my brother-in-laws watch that i borrowed the night before for a couple hours. i orignally wanted one bigger than the one i did buy but the bezel was larger than my wrist and didn't look right.  now my list has been narrowed down to a couple blouses from zara, j brand low rise skinny jeans, this toe ring and this super appropriate belly ring; it's a rose and it's sterling silver-so it doesn't irritate my belly button.  my piercing closed so long ago and i miss it.  the only thing holding me back is that i'm not as brave as i used to be but we'll see...and of course i will keep you updated!   


sunday school.

knit via tobi, zara skirt, f21 clutch & bracelet

this was taken on sunday after church.  i wanted something like a brick wall to shoot in front of so my teal nails would have a nice contrast and remembered that the school close by had some.  ...voila, post title.  and yes, i'm wearing this sweater again :)    



f21 coat, bracelet & skirt, zara top

also introducing, my new favorite bracelet :)


all of it.

old n+a coat, knit via tobi, f21 shorts, deena&ozzy hat, steven pembrook boots

i usually don't like piling things together but when there are shorts involved in about 37 degree weather, i have no choice.  this was from yesterday when i got this sweater in the mail.  i opened up the package, and i declared it my new favorite that i would wear everyday...starting at that moment.  i actually wore skinny jeans instead of the shorts/tights but photographing shorts in the winter is more exciting ;) 

somehow or other.

f21 coat, bracelet & skirt, zara top

i'm showing you my second instagram shot of this skirt.  somehow it just won't make a full appearance.  i attempted to last night after church but the photographer was busy playing the video game, league of legends and supposedly you can't just pause it...hmmm...little brothers... good thing i took this shot in the car right before church i guess.  i was very surprised with this coat as i ordered it online.  i thought it was going to be flimsy and the leather wouldn't look right so i was little apprehensive submitting my payment.  i finally did it and when i recieved it, i was really impressed.  and then a week or two later, it goes on sale...hate that.  but the price i paid is still way better than how much the one at zara costs.

sorry, i've had the most hectic week and i totally forgot to announce that
won the poshlocket giveaway!  congrats, you're going to love your bracelet!!  
please email me with your email address!



zara blouse & pants, asos hat, steven boots

one of my favorite tops.  it looks cute with everything so i have to stop myself from wearing it everday sometimes.  i actually need more pants.  printed, different textured and skinny - i love the bigger on top and narrow at the bottom silhouette.  i actually found a few pairs and this cord, tie dye printed skinny pants are all of the above.  and it would look so good with this blouse.



here is a how-to for the waves i usually do.  thorough and fast drying is critical for me.  hair curls best when completely dry and the least amount of time to dry is important to me especially since i have long hair and a ton of it.  i was sent this Hana Air hair dryer from HANA and it has to be the best hair dryer i have and probably will ever use, my hair was completely dry in 5 minutes!  that's crazy.  the website carries other high quality products like the CHI Hair Dryer.   

i like to use tourmaline curling irons, i find they leave my hair smoother, shinier and the curls last so much longer.  i own all of 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" barrels.  each give different looks all with the same technique.

as for my color, many have asked where i get it done and how i did it.  i do all the coloring myself.  there are a few steps but i don't recommend doing them all at once.  first is to bleach the entire bottom half.  i use jerome russell - the most gentle bleach i've ever used.  next, i highlight twice (allow at least a week in between) using a highlight cap. the first time, i start bleaching about an inch above where the first bleaching was done.  the second time an inch below.  last, i tone with a color deposit - or dye that only darkens and does not lighten.  the only one i have ever found at the drugstore is Natural Instincts.  make sure to choose a 'cool' shade, it contains the right amount of blues/greens/purples to cancel out any brassiness.


wants and needs.

things i want...
...one month or so to pass so my bangs can do this again, this casual dolce vita fuzzy hooded jacket to dress up or down and these printed pants from zara.

also, don't forget to enter my bracelet giveaway here!