every once in a while i like to check my horoscope on yahoo. more times than not, they're true. one time it said i will hear of a divorce. i thought, how random is that and it's too specific. but well, i spoke to my mom later that day and she told me that someone we knew actually did get divorced. my dreams are pretty accurate too. sometimes i'll have psychic dreams. i'll go on dreammood.com to translate my dream and later that day something happens that applies to my dream. like one time i dreamed of pigs. i looked it up and it said pigs signify greed. later that day i had some issues with someone about money. anyway, today my horoscope said the people around me are too needy and they need to find their needs elsewhere. and as a stay at home mom of three, that's bad advice lol.


  1. what brand are your pants?


  2. i got them from urban outfitters, they're silence+noise

  3. this is so cute! love the details on the jeans :)