so i attempted the jogging pant and i must say i am surprised. these are a little baggy at the hip area so they're kind of harem-ish (what my friend called them). but i really love the sweat pant look and it was hard finding the right pair. i actually ordered these online never trying them on before so by chance i ordered the right ones! this is an old top. i'm not as crazy about the print as when i first got it but i was trying to find the right silhouette to go with my sweatpants. this one went most well than my other tops.

whole outfit from urban..sunnies are h&m

calise (my eldest daughter): mom, chloe is so silly. she says when she was a baby in your belly there were rainbows, and sparkles...

chloe: (adding to calise's list) and butterflies and flowers

calise: and blood!

chloe: no calise!

calise: (laughing) okay chloe...



yaay for my brother! i'm so proud of him and his accomplishments. he was able to do EVERYTHING all at once; take care of his family, work full time and further his education. that's intimidating! lol i'll only take two of the three! he graduated yesterday and we celebrated at his house. it was fun and the food was good.

this weekend went by too fast. spent most of it getting the family ready for the two parties we attended. before heading to one of the parties, we dropped by the mall real quick. my husband said 'we didn't have time' to go to f21 where i wanted to grab a couple things so i ended up ordering them online and paid more for shipping! hate that.

weekend's words of wisdom
when offered 2 faces, refuse both.

don't know WHY i wore jean leggings yesterday when it was so freaking hot...actually i was going to wear shorts but i just wasn't feeling the outfit i had planned to wear.
yellow is gold by sunshine and shadow tank, joe's legging jeans, jc shoes, vintage necklace & bracelet

this is my husband...these are his 'carl couture pics' where he "shows his accessories" and his chic pose. lol


stella so so sleek.

i love these sleek looks from stella's line. this is 70's done clean. i usually like a more grittier take on this decade and with a bit more of a messy, beachy 'do and a chunkier clog, like jc's charli c, this would be my perfect summer wardrobe.
i need an oversized blazer stat!


benny hill.

does anyone remember benny hill? i know that show was pretty perverted but i liked it. the girls in that show always reminded me of barbie dolls when i was little. i was pretty oblivious to all the sexual innuendos. i just always thought they were dressed cute and had nice hair. i want the dvds just for clothes and hair inspiration.
geez, this is what 2 hours of swimming did to my skin?!?

necklace & bracelet are vintage, dress from karmaloop.com
use coupon code 'hotmom' for 20% off



these pics were taken on father's day. my husband was nice enough to take more time on this "shoot" to capture better pictures. he's not too into finding the right shot or getting the best angle. he just likes to get things over with and with it being father's day, it was really nice of him. i really felt he did a good job...i love the sun ray shots.

anyway this is my fave new top...so casual and comfy but stylish. and this is my new favorite necklace. it is vintage from kelly shoestrings on etsy. if you follow her blog, kellylauren.blogspot.com, she'll give you 15% off. i have really been into vintage jewelry lately. this one i want to wear with everything.


see the breeze.

sunglasses are always great for hiding behind when you're too lazy to put makeup on.
i bought this sort of cropped caftan a while back from f21. it's from their love 21 line. i love that line...they have prints and styles you wouldn't expect from f21. this blouse is silk so it's so light and billowy. i had to tuck it in to hold it down so i wouldn't flash anyone. anyway, i got these shorts from crossroads last weekend. they were huge 70's bellbottoms that i did like but would rather have as high waisted shorts...my obsession are high waisted shorts right now. so, i cut them off and hemmed them. i want to go thrifting for mom jeans and turn them into cut-offs.

love21/f21 top, 18th amendment colbert diy shorts, steve madden platforms, h&m round frames, maybeline minty minty nail polish

thanks for visiting <3


never give up.

i gave up but never forgot...and if there's a will there's a way...
so happy with these shoes and i knew we'd end up together in the end!

and i'm so much happier with my speedy 35! i previously had the 30 and saw pictures of myself carrying it and just thought it was too small. so i went back to lv to try on the 35 and loved it...plus it's only $25 more!


date with the girls.

yesterday i had dinner with my two very close friends melanie and cheryl. it was a lovely warm evening. so nice and calm. it was a much needed meeting. i think it's always nice for each of us to see each other and just sit and talk or maybe just stay quiet. it's good to be in each others presence.

i'm wearing a f21 silk top, 18th amendment high waisted shorts, bdg cardi, uo shoes, lv speedy 35


trying the turban.

i've always wanted to try out the turban and since carrie wore one, i feel a little more comfortable doing it now. i think i did it wrong...it's not even a complete turban, it's just a wrap. but i like it.
i seriously can't wait to get a new camera. i've been using my iphone and i'm so limited. i also need more scenery but my husband is not down to play photographer.
anyway, here i'm wearing a thrifted scarf, my f21 legging jeans, my steve maddens that go with just about every outfit and my new top from f21. i kept seeing it at f21 and never cared for it. one day i just decided to just grab it and try it on and i actually reeeally liked it. it's cropped in front and longer in the back...so easy and comfy but so stylish. it goes easily well with any kind of accessories...such as my turban! :)


10 years.

10 years ago today, carl and i went on our first date.

like riding a bike, you never forget after you learn. it's fun and easy at first but then the road gets longer and there are hills and mountains ahead. it's hard getting to the top but you pedal harder. and once you've reached the peek and gotten over the hardest part, you don't even have to try to keep going. you just float right down and enjoy the breeze on your face and thrills through your body. you keep riding and you become conditioned. ready for all the hills and mountains ahead...

still going as strong as ever...love you carl!



love love love this bed jacket. it's a perfect cover up for summer and it's just so easy. i really wish they had other colors. i am also loving my new shoes! they're sooo comfortable for 5" wedges. i wore them out one night for about 8 hours and danced in them and my feet didn't hurt a bit. no. 2 reason why i love platforms...no. 1 is of course the look ;)


for sale. siwy hannah. -SOLD-

hannah contoured slim crop
purity (dark rinse)
size 27

actual waist 28.5"
front rise 7.5"
inseam 27.5"
leg opening measured flat 5.5"

these siwy's are the most sought-after style, hannah which is a super skinny fit, hugging the hip to the ankle. this style is most versatile, perfect to dress up or down. the wash also allows for versatility also. it is a dark rinse with very, very mild distressing. these are new without tags, but the plastic tagger is still attached. i bought these when i was pregnant and stored them away for afterwards. sad to say, i do not fit these and am trying to sell these to purchase them in my size.

every closet needs a great, quality pair of skinny jeans. these will last you through wearing and washing. the pockets are not obnoxious but do make a subtle statement. these are a fave of fashion icons like kate moss and nicole richie.

please comment me if you're interested :)


okay, my attempts of writing an interesting explanation to these pics are failing this monday. so enjoy :)
...i will add, i had a really great time. it was a long overdue outing for us; my husband and i, and my brothers/in law & sisters/in law...always great company with them <3>