stylemint giveaway.

StyleMint Prince tee c/o stylemint, f21 jacket, zara skirt, steven boots

i'm sure you've all heard of StyleMint.  if not, it's a website that after taking a quick questionaire offers different tops every month suggested to you based on their recomendations.  just like JewelMint, but tops!

  StyleMint was very kind enough to offer me a top of my choice and another one for one of my readers.  i chose the Prince in white because there is nothing more classic, cool and versatile than a white tee.  i'm all about making statements through simplicity and this tee is just that.

how to enter:

just 3 things:
1. follow stylemint's blog & "like" their fb page
2. join stylemint
3. tell me which item you'd like if you won and how you'd style it.

what do you win?

that very top of your choice!
so what are you waiting for?  go go go!!!

winner will be announced a week from today here on my blog.  extra entry if you follow me!



an instagram preview shot i took earlier.  follow me, DonatilaRose

h&m sweater, sunglasses & bag, f21 shorts, steven boots

tops in this cut in all textures (and maybe colors) please!  seriously obsessed.  it's hard because when this happens, i get tunnel vision and i miss out on a lot of other things while shopping.  then i have to get started on another mission to find whatever i missed out on.  i'm having a hard time as it is looking for weather appropriate bottoms.  sorry, it's not as serious as i'm making it out to be.  but i'm looking for rose colored thin-wale corduroy skinny pants.  i saw a pair from banana republic in a magazine but i don't see it on their site yet.  i think they'll be extra cute and comfy with my marant inspired zara knit worn here.   

oh yes!  a bit late but i have randomly chosen a winner for the shoe giveaway!
and the winner is.......
congrats!  please message me with your email address!
thank you to everyone who entered and stay tuned i have another giveaway coming very soon!!        


either or.

zara top & shorts, steven boots

i love how versatile this sweatshirt is.  so nicely 'worn', it's perfect with light-wash cut-offs and so casual cool, it's fun to dress it up.

i'll be announcing the winner tomorrow so i will accept more entries until then!  don't miss out on your chance to win shoes!!
enter HERE



happy friday!  last day of work today and excited to be a stay at home mom again.  i get to watch ALL the girls' soccer games, my little guy won't be so clingy always anxious i'll be leaving him and no more rude patients!  i will also have more time for my blog.

i also wanted to remind everyone to enter my shoe giveaway.
to enter :)

also, check me out on zara PEOPLE!  i was chosen as one of this weeks picks!



ignore the signs.

zara blouse, shorts via bamboo sky, steven shorts, asos hat, old bcbg clutch

i just ordered a pair of shorts, surprise!  i really shouldn't have and it doesn't help that i've been turned off by shorts with tights lately.  i think i need to try tights in different textures and colors.  here, i added some fall items with my otherwise airy and summery things.  it's me holding on to what i still can.  i can't wait to wear my new sweaters and jackets.  although, with shorts :)


shoe giveaway!

as worn here

just 3 things you have to do, really simple:
1. 'like' naughty monkey's fb page here.  make sure to leave the comment, "DonatilaRose" on their page!
2. follow naughty monkey on twitter here 
3. lastly, if you don't already, follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know you've entered.  remember, this is where i will announce the winner.

winner will have different pairs to choose from!!
this is an international contest!!
contest ends in a week from now and winner will be announced shortly after.  good luck!  <3

f21 x rory beca.

rory beca's doing another collaboration with f21!   watch this before everyone else, video officially launches next week!


turn around.

eagle ring c/o beginning boutique, zara blouse, bebe gifted jeans, steven boots

was gifted this double finger ring.  don't own a lot of silver anymore but thought this zara top, a black stand in for my scf drifter blouse would go well with this statement peice.  i had gotten over the delicate birds and feathers deal so this more bold kind was a pleasant surprise.  

found this pretty street in the town where i live.  all the houses look right into the bay and the sidewalk was lined on both sides with white rose trees (?)  it was so hot today and i'm really hoping this is the last of summer.  i believe last summer went all the way to november.  hoping not again, found this penfield, providence hat on this (uk based) site.  the red check is adorable, just bought a sherpa lined denim jacket that it would look so cute with.      


pretty basic.

zara top, vintage levi's cut-offs, steven boots, h&m sunnies, bag & bangle

it should be pretty evident by now that i love the color cream and suede booties.  in my color-coordinated closet, the cream section is the largest and i now have two of each color in suede booties.  really can't have/wear enough!  
i think i'll be wearing this outfit out this weekend.  it's been warm this week but i think this is the last of our summer.  sad to see all my shorts put away - although tights always help to keep them around but i'm really excited this fall/winter in particular for outerwear.  the ryder, honour trench and the brigade Barbour jackets here on this (uk based) site need to be in my closet.    



astoria necklace c/o jewelmint, h&m dress, sunglases & bag, steven boots

really into this 60's style necklace from jewelmint, love it with my new shift dress.  i just bought a sweatshirt that i can't wait to wear it with either.  until october 31, use the promo code BOCT50 for 50% off your first purchase!!      


go gadget, go.

boots c/o naughty monkey, f21 coat, zara blouse, yaya shorts

was so excited when i was contacted by naughty monkey and was offered a pair shoes.  of course i picked these, the gadgets - sold here.  comfy, suede and incredibly cute with shorts and silhouettes like this; my criteria for boots this fall.  stay tuned...you can win a pair :)