if i were cinderella, jeffrey campbell would be my fairy godmother.

today i felt like wearing yellow. i think yellow is such a powerful and expressive color. if my aura had a color today, it would definitely be yellow :)
these are just some pieces i've already featured here. the top i think 3 times now. i do love this top, the print and cut are perfect.
top & shorts are f21, belt is h&m, shoes are jeffrey campbell, sweater is from anthropologie


  1. Love this look! We have the same shoes... and the same two-finger ring!! <3

    xx Laura

  2. Love the shoes!!!!

    I did buy the Charli clog last week. I tried both the Steve Madden and Jeffrey Campbell shoe on. I was more uncomfortable in Steve Madden because of the height of the heel. Jeffrey Campbell was way more comfortable.

    I definitely recommend trying both on. I bought mine from Nordstrom. And the plus was that it was only a $5 difference between JC and SM. JC was $5 more, but well worth it.

    I'm a size 6 but bought a size 7. :)

  3. Actually, now that I think of it. I tried on a different pair of SM shoes that looked similar to it. If you buy the Wanderr online, it's $99.95 I think. It's actually $30 cheaper than JC. I couldn't say no to getting the JC ones though (my first pair of JC shoes). :)