scarf print.

zara top & shoes, vintage levi's cutoffs & coach bag, f21 blazer

i got this top over a month ago and somehow forgot about it.  i'm so into scarf prints i don't even know how that happened. i've gone crazy searching for them in more blouses, shorts and skirts.  i need to get over it because i'm just going to end up getting myself so sick of them that i won't even wear them.  


silver feet.

zara everything

so obsessed with these shoes.  i used to cringe at mixing metals ie gold & silver but these shoes make it pretty awesome.
i created a formspring a while ago and forgot about it.  password's recovered and i'm ready to answer.


in my perfect world.

crochet daisy blouse c/o sheinside.com, vintage levi's cutoffs, zara shoes, coach bag, h&m sunnies

  what better time to lay in the meadow among little daisies than while wearing my daisy crochet top?  which i got from a website that carries a lot of designer inspired items.  i really recommend them, their prices are really good.  i also have a coupon code for my readers - APR20 for 20% off until may 30!  it was really hard to choose just one. 
 in my perfect world, i would have driven to the meadow to do so in this vintage mercedes, my dream car with my dream Cartier watch (any one of those really!).   


um sure okay.

f21 coat & skirt, zara top, aldo boots, coach bag

today i visited my mom after church and when my cousin and brother came home to take some pics and video i thought sure why not.  so this is what i wear to church on cold sunday mornings.    


one of those mondays.

so yeah, it calls for one of those half-@$$ posts.
random pics!  
my daughter's artwork was one of 4 chosen from her class.  it's showing at the art gallery in town which we visited this weekend. 
i'm pretty much driving around all day, everyday.  sometimes it's essential to wear something not as...boring as the errands i'm running.  a pair of bright yellow pants does it.
i've been subconsciously obsessed with daisies.  i ordered the left top and i was gifted the right top - which i picked out myself.  they both arrived in the mail the same day and noticed the similarity while i was hanging them.  i just ordered another daisy embroidered top last night that i've been waiting to be available.
 the girls' spring break just started and it's supposed to rain all week here.  today was the only day i'd be able to take pics but i got really lazy.  it still looks a little cold outside and to be honest, i'd rather be at home finishing a whole baguette and a whole container of hummus to myself. and i've also gotten addicted the game draw something.  oh well, rainy weather kind of stuff.  



instant sleepwear.  
just unbutton any collared button down shirt just before any indecent exposure, cuff the collar down as low as possible and for extra chic-ness, add some 'armparty' and cuff up sleeves.


in video.

my 'abstract' outfit on video and my cousin, bohemianragz




zara top, heels & clutch, f21 skirt

my absolute favorite top right now.  i know i claim everything to be my favorite but i guess i just get so excited for things sometimes.  i got this almost 2 weeks ago and have worn it 5 times already.  the cut is just so prim and the crochet collar is the sweetest thing.  i just saw it in black and i think i need that one too.  ...eek.  if you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that i got this clutch on sale for $14.99.  that was really exciting too ;)