kind of new.

i almost forgot about this jacket. i wrote about when i got it here. i was really lucky to have snagged my size when they first put it out on the floor, they were literally flying off the racks. anyway, i wore it out for the first time today and i was nice and warm. i wore my blue vintage gucci shoulder bag with it and it looked so cute together.

i have a neighbor that likes to over react and cause drama and lately, i'd say for the last month or so we haven't had any problems with each other. today he/she must have been bored or lonely or something because he was trying to stir up stuff. of course i didn't react or mind or whatever because when someone is fighting with a crazy person it becomes hard to tell which one is crazy the person. but i just don't understand those kind of people that just need drama to know they're alive. i'm sorry your life is miserable and you have to bring other people down with you to make yourself feel better. and i posted this on facebook a couple days ago, 'to find true happiness, mind your own business'. it's so true.



i was having a hard time thinking of a title for this post because i'm just not feeling clever right now. and maybe also because it's 1:20 in the morning. anyway, i took these photos earlier today along with the photos updated in the previous post. i didn't have time on thanksgiving day to take pics.

anyway, i bought these shorts over a month ago on urbanoutfitters.com when they were offering 20% off. when i got them, i loved them but the rise was really high so i tried to fix them. i ended up messing them up and i felt terrible about them. i took them out earlier last week to see if i could fix it and i actually did. so now they're my favorite and i want to wear them with everything. love my recovered shorts ;)

so, did anyone do black friday? oh my gosh, i did. i got t0 downtown sf at 1:30 am, it was crazy but worth it! i got a pair of jc's for $15, yes $15! i found a sweater that i thought was sold out. it was on sale for $49.99 so i got it for $25...and it was in my size. i will definitely show it later. i got a lot of good deals throughout the day. i was coming down with the flu the day before and it became full blown when i got home at around 12pm. i've just recovered and am feeling much better.

also, the items i modeled on goldenGrey are up. check them out...just don't mind that i looked washed out lol.


giving thanks.


so as promised, my outfit i wore on thanksgiving...

last week or so my eldest daughter calise asked me, "thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet, why is it already all about christmas?" i answered, "because christmas makes more money than thanksgiving." (we were watching tv commercials) and then she commented back, "so money is more important that being thankful?"

she's pretty smart. she didn't have to take econ for that one.

of course being thankful is more important than money and i am very grateful for everything. i acknowledge and appreciate all my opportunities and blessings.

anyway, what are your plans for today? we have 2 parties to attend. i will try to take outfit pics and update this post with them. i'll be doing the black friday shopping with my sister in the city.
yumi kim sent me these fliers and so hubby, if you're reading, hint hint ;)

well, happy thanksgiving everyone! love and hugs!


walking the walk.

here are all the pics i could gather from the indie session on saturday. goldenGrey, whom i modeled for here back in august asked me to be a part their fashion show. it was really fun. i loved walking and i'd do it again in a heartbeat.

i also walked for a t-shirt company called umbrella shirts which makes shirts with san francisco landmarks . i was wearing the tower shirt.

afterwards we went to eat at one of mine and my husbands favorite restaurants, el zocalo which is an el salvadorian restaurant that makes the best papusas.


off duty.

wow! what a weekend. it was kicked off on friday by celebrating my brother's birthday at MUA in oakland. i'm feeling so bad because i accidentally deleted all the pics from that night. i got some really cool shots i tried to apply any photography 'skills' i had in :( it was an enjoyable evening. saturday was goldenGrey's fashion show and i don't know if i've ever been so nervous and so excited at the same time. it was a blast. i felt an adrenaline rush but it kind of messed up my walk because i thought i could've walked a little slower lol. then on sunday, we celebrated my grandmother-in-law's(?) 89th birthday 2 hours away. we finally got home at 8 sunday night and it appeared that a tornado had gone through our house ;)

now it's monday and it's my first 'day off' ahhh...

anyway, this is my new favorite sweater. it's by f21's sub-line twelve by twelve. my first purchase from that line. it actually had black beads all over it but i took them all off. and this is the love21 top i posted previously. i can't wait to receive my house of holland tights!!! they've been on my wishlist since may or so and i ordered them last week so they'll be here any day now!


fill in the blanks.

i don't know what it is but i'm just not feeling it today. maybe it's this strange warm weather in the middle of november. it's definitely gotten me to bring out my springy stuff like i've been hypnotized by the sun. and i could never get myself to bring out the appropriate shoes for these shapes, textures and colors like tan strappy sandals right now. i had on my sam edelman fritz with this look and after seeing these pics i decided they were the wrong shoes.

love 21 blouse


FRIENDS & FAMILY: there's a sale!

no. 1 on my wishlist: ANNIE TOP in WHITE ARROW

i would love to style it with a bunch of gold accessories, bell-bottoms, floppy felt hat and circle sunnies!

wow, won't stop thinking about that now!

okay leaving now to drop some hints to my hubby...

i can't complain.

hello, everyone :)
it was such a beautiful day today in terms of mood, food, weather and yes, retail. just a little...i actually exchanged some stuff at forever.

my husband strangely got inspired over the weekend to help with my blog. he'll be taking photography classes in january. he has all these plans and he's getting help from other people. i love blogging but i think he's more excited than i am. so hopefully by january my scenery and my photos will be a lot better.

so my outfit, it's nothing special. i got the top at urban outfitters last thursday for $5, that's as exciting as it gets. and i can't take these shoes off. i actually had to exchange them for another pair because some of the studs on the front of the old pair were not evenly spaced and it was bothering the heck out of me. luckily there was only one more left of the shoes and they were in my size and the studs were spaced perfectly. i'm a happy woman.

i got this top today, isn't the print so pretty? it kind of reminds me of my daughter's top i posted from zara and i'm excited because i love how we styled it haha.



hello, i just wanted to kind of check up on everyone :) it feels like it's been forever since my last post even though it was only just last thursday. maybe it seems that way because it was a post of my girls and not myself.
SO, how was everyone's weekend? i hope great :)
mine was fun...i watched pacqiao once again win, hung out with friends and then stayed over at my sisters'. got home sunday afternoon to laundry :( but after i got laundry done, i hopped on the internets and found a good deal on a winter kate meadow tank. pretty excited about that because although, i don't usually like celebrity brand clothing, and elizabeth & james is an exception, nicole richie is one of my favorite fashion icons. i'm assuming she doesn't have a stylist anymore but i really did like how she dressed more when she did have rachel zoe dressing her.

anyway, did anyone else buy anything just recently?


girls day out.

took my weekly trip to the city today but this time it was with my girls, calise & chloe. calise, my eldest was growing out of her clothes so i was happy to bring her back to all the things i saw last week at zara that i absolutely adored. i really wanted to leave the store with everything we saw, including their shoes and boots but i could never justify buying a pair of $60 boots that my daughter will grow out of soon and wear for just one season.

we played dress up a little when we got home and we all got really into it. here are a couple things we got today... :)



the second i pause to think of what to write, i literally doze off. i will blame it on the hazelnut creme godiva coffee i had brewing yesterday that left me with barely any sleep in last 48 hours. when you have a whole pot to yourself, it's hard to know when to stop. i refused the coffee today because i woke up more willing and able than i was yesterday. i got much more done today than yesterday. i really owe myself an early retirement tonight but i thought i'd just finish this post first.

this is the f21 knockoff of an elizabeth & james blouse. it is actually one of forever21's sub lines, love21 which my purchases from f21 all have seem to be from lately. the line always surprises me. on my last trip to the city friday, i actually bought 3 pieces from love21; one of which is the cardigan i've been wearing the heck out of.

f21 top, joe's jeans jeans, sam edelman shoes