that's what the good man says.

this whole shopping halt is starting to drive me nuts. why am i doing this? because i have to know when to stop and know when enough is enough. does it really matter? yes it does. you know the saying, a simple life is a happy life. meaning, you're content. but when i actually did stop and got the chance take in everything i already have, i kind of got to catch up with my purchases. i bought so much and didn't even wear most of them yet. it's not like i went and featured everything i had in my closet these past two weeks but i got to mix and match all my old stuff with my new stuff. like this outfit. i got this blouse over 2 years ago and wore it only twice. these shorts (currently my absolute favorite) i just bought 2 weeks ago on my quick shopping trip to the city. i wore this blouse with skinny jeans when i was pregnant with my 22 month old son. then another time tucked in to a pencil skirt. wearing it today tucked in to these high waisted light wash jean shorts gave the top a whole new look. it's like getting a new top.


  1. love the top & your hair is perfect!come follow me http://www.fashioniceice.blogspot.com xoxo

  2. Your outfit is really nice!
    I will follow your blog because it's awesome.
    Will you follow me too?

    All the best, Valerie

  3. I just found you on chictopia, and you have such great style! Love it! :)