sweet september.

september was awesome…i celebrated my 30th which will be an unforgettable year, i know. and besides other events and celebrations, i did come across some really nice finds in september as well lol. i found pieces i really love like this top. i had been drooling over this at akira but it sold out when i was ready to buy it. i found it at nasty gal but it was double the price and as soon as i convinced my hubby i needed it to wear for my birthday, we found it at forever for less than half! i never actually got to wear it for my birthday because i found other equally awesome pieces to wear instead (here and here). and since it has been such a monumental month, i thought i’d close it off with this top.

forever21 top, j brand jeans, s madden clogs, vintage clutch, necklace vintage from kellyshoestrings' etsy


thirty part 2.

so today i celebrated my stepping into the 30's once more. we went to the v. sattui winery in st. helena in the napa valley. i never really liked wine but the ones we tasted today, i actually did like. even a dry red. i learned a trick to soften a strong dry wine. i loved this sparkling moscato that we ended up buying a bottle of along with a bottle of gamay. anyway, the winery was such a pretty place and as you can see, was perfect for photo taking :) our little trip turned out to be a photo shoot/wine tasting. i thank my family, who includes stylesauce who all came and had such a really fun time with and especially to my hubby who planned everything and even got us a limo to ride out there in. love him!!


military top.

out of no where yesterday, i decided i needed two things; military inspired pieces and camel colors. both to wear red lips with. i left for f21 20 minutes later and then came home with this top and a camel boxy sweater. these things remind me of the 40's and i usually don't like that decade fashion wise but there's something about these color combos i love for fall.



okay, i'm really considering getting these shoes dyed black at the shoe hospital. anyone know how much it usually cost to do something like that? i was organizing my shoes last night and i have so many brown shoes! i promise for now on to buy only black shoes.
i got this circle scarf back in feb. for $5 at urban outfitters. it was buried in a clearance basket with no sale stickers on it...i love it when i find cheap things no one else bothers to get a price check on :) this scarf together with this purse makes this super simple outfit stand out a little more.

asos cardigan, alternative apparel debbie top, deena&ozzy scarf, f21 jeggings, jeffrey campbell shoes, zara purse...wow, that's a wide range...


never gets old.

lux from urban outfitters blouse and jeans, jeffrey campbell splendids, vintage clutch

please excuse the sun spots. maybe it's apparent from my last post but i love a cream blouse with denim and brown leather accessories. if i had to wear one color for the rest of my life it would definitely be cream. it's perfect for spring/summer and when you want to just take a break from dark colors, it works in fall and winter too.

these jeans are old and i wish i had them in a lighter shade. i'm waiting for a pair of genetic denim light wash high waisted cigarette jeans in the mail. i got them from chickdowntown which was recently bought out. i placed my order right before everything so now i have to wait for the jeans to be shipped to their new location and then to me. i really have no idea when to expect them so i guess it will be a nice surprise.

i hope everyone's week started off well today!




i'm addicted to silky sophisticated blouses tucked into high waists with 70's style or vintage accessories right now. i thrifted so many secretary blouses in the past that seem to have disappeared...did i really let go of them... :( i suppose finding more isn't exactly pulling teeth. new project!!

i've been seriously eyeing HOH's lastest line. these earrings are a couple that i want...

but i found these at forever21 that look similar for $4.80.

i'm wearing them here with these jeans that have a similar arrow-like pleating pattern on the waist and the back of the ankles.

bdg silk blouse, silence + noise highwaists, vintage clutch from ebay & jeffrey campbell splendids



today was family day for me. i just ran a couple errands and this is what i wore minus the scarf, tights and clogs…i had on my black dolce vita reno’s instead. this was just for my blog’s sake.
i just spent the day cooking and cleaning. we just had baked salmon with sautéed spinach and au gratin, it was so yummy. now i’m sitting with the kids watching my favorite childhood movie, Supergirl. i loooved this movie. i was about 6 or 7 when i asked my cousin to ‘dub’ it for me and i would watch it every sunday. watching this movie now, i'm getting really inspired. especially by the first scene. i love zaltar's sweater and cara's dress.
anyway, this is my new bucket bag from zara. it looks expensive but was only $30! i know i'm wearing the heck out of these clogs but i've had no kind of luck with shoes lately. i ordered the sam edelman falkens, walked around my kitchen in them for 2 minutes and threw them back in the box to be returned. i found the sam edelman buckle clogs and tried them on at the store. they were stunning but they have the same heels as the falken's so i knew they wouldn't work. i ordered these in black but the buckle on the right shoe were placed backwards so it looked like i had two left shoes on. i wanted something different from these shoes anyway. so, i am still on a black fall clog mission...it drags...

patterson j kincaid t shirt, vintage scarf, levi's cut offs and steve madden clogs


time for church.

these were shot right before heading to church on thursday. i was kind of in a hurry to get dressed. i knew i wanted to wear this tucker for target skirt and then just kind of threw on everything else. the clutch came in the mail that day too so i knew i wanted to wear that also. as i was sitting in church and i picked off some lint of my skirt, i had my clutch on my lap and i just loved how all the colors looked together. i had on a deep green nail polish that looks like sushi wrapper that looked so pretty with my gold bracelet, orange and cream skirt and brown clutch. i was thinking in church to take a close-up of of it but i forgot when i got home.

anyway, today i went with my sister to the city. i had some things i wanted to return and i had just bought a bunch of stuff lately so i wasn't planning on shopping. but, as we walked into h&m, there was a display of aviator jackets and a sign above it that read, $29.95. okay, i've been looking for one and the price range that i had were about twice that so of course i did not pass. all they had were 8's and as i tried one on at the mirror under the escalators, where every one else seemed to try theirs on, i grabbed for my hanger and i found another one in my size! so i got that and then we headed up to zara. i found so much stuff i wanted there including things for my girls. i always love fall at zara! i didn't go on a crazy spree there but i did buy two tops for my girls and one thing for myself. there were these bucket bags that had 'special price' tags on them and one caught my eye so i saw the price tried it on and i immediately headed to pay for it. hopefully i'll do an outfit post tomorrow.



it's my birthday today and i turned the big three oh. 30 is so under-estimated! i couldn't be happier where i am at the age of 30.

i spent the day preparing our place for a little get together with my family while my husband made his perfect au gratin and bbq-ed tri-tip which by the way was de licious! i sautéed some spinach and made my strawberry with cream cheese frosting cupcakes. my mom also brought her yummy pancit, which is filipino tradition to have on birthdays. she also made enchiladas and red rice. oh, and my brother and sister, stylesauce brought this really good popcorn in 'cinnamon bun' and 'zebra' flavors. they're from costco, a must try!!

like i said in my last post, i was going to want to wear this hat with everything. and i do! i was able to fit in a little outfit shoot today and i had to because this is the blouse i wanted to share. i ordered it online not really expecting much but when i received it, i was surprised with the print and shape. i love it.

oh! and it looks like i hit 100 followers! yay!

xxoo & lots of love!!
megan rose

hat & top; f21, jeans; j brand, shoes; jeffrey campbell