don't be bitter.

f21 blouse, on tank, levi's cut offs, hoh necklace, steven boots

  staying indoors away from the bitter cold today.  the sun is out so the lighting is good enough to shoot from inside.  plus i'm such in the mood for shorts...i refuse to put on any kind of pants.  this lace trimmed blouse was calling to me from my closet.  i don't know why i barely put any use to it last summer, i love all of its details.    

i was invited to a fashion show happening next week featuring paola hernandez, who was featured in marie claire, harper's bazaar and vogue.  i have a few things i've ordered coming in the mail so i have an idea of what i'll be wearing...i'm excited :)


lace fur sure.

urban outfitter kimono, f21 top, boots & necklace, joe's jeans

this was taken two weeks ago...
there was a flu epidemic at my house this week.  first, the kids were hit with a stomach flu and then of course after they get better, i get hit.  well, i'm feeling a lot better now after some pho and a few purchases...  
a cute little fur coat on sale for $24 and lace flares.  i can't even contain my excitement imagining the possibilities of these two pieces...especially together :D

oh...and please vote heremy look has gone through to be voted for outfit of the month.  thanks for your votes, lovelies.  
have a wonderful weekend




green with.

did a little shopping yesterday and these are a couple of the things i got.  not completely sure about the bird print but the green nail polish i got looked so pretty with it.  
the sun was out today but my photographer called in sick ;)


long lost.

topshop kimono, vintage levi's, f21 top

these are old photos that have never made it on my blog.  well, until now.  i love the effects instagram has.  the weather has been ugly so no new photos until the sun comes back out.
i wanted to say 'thank you' for all the really sweet comments and for just stopping by my blog.  if you don't see your comments approved, it's because i accidentally touched 'delete' on my iphone, sorry!  nonetheless they are much appreciated!  we're at the end of the day so it's safe to say 'happy friday'!  
enjoy your weekend lovelies!
<3 xo 


little bit of fringe.

boutique top, vintage levi's cut-offs, forever21 boots, asos ring, hoh necklace

hope everyone had a special valentine's day.  my husband and i definitely did.  i wish we had taken photos of it all including an outfit shot.  it's just me but i would feel silly trying to stand in the rain without a coat in the middle of a busy street.  we went to union street in the city to do a little shopping for my valentine's gift.  he bought me this top from a boutique.  i had a few to choose from but i really liked the little bit of fringe going on in the front.  it also has some kind of a snake or reptile jacquard print that i really like...i love jacquard.  i had the choice to go anywhere and i chose union st. so i could go to lf stores.  i really wished i found something there to take advantage of the sale.  everything i tried on happened to be by millau and unfortunately they ran big.  i was hoping they still had the maxi dress there still but i just knew it was going to be sold out.  the girls in there are really very helpful that i felt bad i left with nothing.
afterwards, the hubby chose boboquivari to eat and it was deelicious.  crab was goooood...and so was the filet mignon!  i was so bummed because by the time we were done with dinner, kara's cupcake was closed.  other than that, we had a really nice time alone.          


it's a contradiction.

kimono & blouse from uo, asos shorts, f21 boots 

my daughter and i were driving around running errands earlier today and as a fashion blogger, i'm always searching for locations everywhere and anywhere, from scary abandoned farmland to a field of anise plants off the road.  i'm sure you all know what i'm talking about.  since i was in this oxymoron of a thing, sweater knit shorts, i didn't want to catch any onlookers' attention.  we came upon this shrubbery behind a building and tried to get an in-the-middle-of-a-forest kind of feel.  not sure if that was achieved but plants and trees never fail.  so these knit shorts, i was on a long search for the right pair, right meaning right price and right fit.  i finally found these at the asos sale a few weeks ago along with a cool armor hinged ring i intended to wear today with this look but i forgot to pack, both for a really good price.  and then soon after we got home, the mail man came with my new house of harlow necklace that i would have totally worn today instead.  i guess the ring and my hoh will have to make an appearance next time.


shop my closet.

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little bridges.

lulus blouse, winter kate shorts, urban outfitters hat, f21 boots & necklace

wearing all my new favorites.  i was really lucky to catch this blouse when my size was re-stocked after selling out as i posted here.  and i got these shorts for a steal.  loooove my new pieces!  i want to wear these shorts with everything and this blouse everywhere.  i need something to wear for my nephews birthday coming up soon so this blouse will be perfect...definitely not the shorts for a little kids birthday party but black jeans are going to look so good with it.  i'm really loving these boots lately too.

i love all the parks in my town.  this one had cute landscaping with a river lined with rocks through it.  it had little bridges and huge eucalyptus trees.      


i'm dying for a motorcycle leather jacket right now...i just got this lace top and tap shorts from f21 and a leather jacket would look just perfect together with them.


the root of it.

forever21 blouse & hat, h&m belt, deena&ozzy sandals (uo), thrifted levi's cut-offs

i kind of just freestyled the day today in regards to these photos.  i was really feeling the nude tones of this blouse so i threw whatever else with it.  and i didn't really know where to go for location either.  i just didn't want a lot of onlookers or people walking around which slows us down and the lighting was perfect so we didn't have time to waste.  we got to this park and passed by these trees with the prettiest roots i've seen with moss growing on it and thought it would be perfect to kind of sit on.   


clothes my eyes.

i really need to cover my eyes, i'm finding way too many things i want!!  i've been contemplating for a while now whether or not to get the winter kate jade cardigan but i found this black chiffon kimono for a much better price.  (the belt is removable)  urban outfitters is offering $15 off of any $75 or more purchase (code: LOVEIT) so i included this rust hat i've been wanting forever.  i didn't feel so bad about these because i had a gift card.  but then, i bookmarked this sold out romantic hippie blouse in case they re-stocked and my daughter accidentally clicked on the link today.  it actually came up in stock but with one more in my size.  i panicked to grab it and before i knew it, i went on my second shopping spree this week.  oh my...
...but how cute would all these look together???  with bells...cut-offs...leather shorts...sigh...


chicks in tow.

since i posted the photos of calise on my last post, chloe has been mad at me for not posting any of her on my blog.  we made plans to go to the park today to take some photos to post.  she even wanted to bring different changes of outfits and accessories for the photos but when we got there she instead became more interested in calling the ducks over, picking flowers and playing on the playground.  i was able to get some nice photos of  the girls and mess around with the lighting and settings on my camera.  i didn't really discover anything new but i just love how the photographs at that park always turn out.  i know i was risking making all my posts look the same by going there again but it was for chloe today.  i however was just so happening to be wearing something i wanted to post ;)    

i got this kimono from topshop about a couple months ago and have been deciding whether to keep it or not.  the feather print was beginning to look a little cheesy to me but when i wore it over this t shirt and put on this necklace, it didn't look so bad.