nothing you can buy.

mink pink blouse from karmaloop (20% off with code: HOTMOM), thrifted levi's, crown vintage clogs

2010 was definitely a blessed year.  i'm so thankful and appreciative for everything; the ups and the downs that allowed me to live and learn.  and also the things i was blessed with materially and non-materially.  this blog is dedicated to fashion and that's all that can be read about, but i undoubtedly recognize that my fortunes and my most valued possessions are the things that cannot be bought.


the unknown.

one more week until the new year! anxious and excited to see what's ahead!


the sun is always in a hurry.

gap beanie, f21 blouse & shirt, bdg jeans, unknown brand boots from ebay

i looked outside to check the "lighting" and the sun was in a good position...no shadows, no harsh light. i went to do whatever final touches on my outfit and by the time i was ready, the sun had disappeared. well, we're about at the peak of winter solstice so that means the days will be officially getting longer. yes, very slowly we're making our way back to spring.

this beanie has been my preferred head dressing lately. i've been wearing it with everything and it's so great when my newly cut 'bangs' aren't looking so well.


my boutique.

i just started a boutique, follow me :)


undisclosed desires.

f21 chiffon blazer, accessories & felt hat, uo cream blouse, diy f21 necklace, crown vintage clogs, thrifted levi's shorts, target tights

we walked to muse's 'undisclosed desires' for the fashion show at indie session i did for gG goldenGrey ... been loving that song ever since. check out her site if you haven't already, 30% off the whole site with coupon code, GIVE

here is a list of all my obsessions...some are of the moment and some are things i've been loving for a while...

chiffon cardigans
they give an effortless boho chic look to something as simple as a t shirt. i've been into them for a while now. i believe the obsession started back in january and i bought my first one from asos in february. no.1 on my lust list is this winter kate jade cardigan

marc jacobs' lola
it has a warm and pretty scent...i love the packaging too

geometric pendant necklaces
hoh has a lot that i'm dying for

listening to nyc's radio station power 105 on iheart radio
my fave song right now is '6 ft 7 ft'

elnett hairspray
finally tried it after hearing/reading good reviews forever and plus it was on sale ;) i love the fine mist and it holds well...smells good too

the fresh air the rain brings
i love opening my windows and letting the fresh air in...the cleanest air we can possibly get here

and also, thank you to the fashionable mckenzie for including me in this collage on fashion hungry :)

all fur fun.

forever21 jeans, sweater, necklace & ann taylor from ebay faux fur coat

i was so bummed that my lovestory j brands, shown here didn't fit me anymore. i had been looking for an affordable pair on ebay for a couple months but never had any luck. then i found these jeans on f21.com last week and when they arrived i was really surprised by the look and fit of them. they're so comfortable and flattering. but i finally did find a pair of lovestories. literally right after i ordered these online, i was sent an email from hautelook about their j brand sale. i was able to snag a pair of lovestories for $39!

i got this sweater with these jeans. i love it's cable detail across the neck and down the sleeves.

i had sort of a fun little photo shoot today hence the 4,000 pics :P


and one more thing.

oh no, what did i just do?? lol i just visited f21.com and after not even a minute, look what i found...and couldn't resist for one second...

well, i guess i'm not feeling too bad. i had some stuff i returned over there today so i didn't really "buy" it...i swapped it :)

i blame it on liz from late afternoon for putting together this amazing look.


fickle girl.

ecote cardigan ($25!!) & bdg blouse uo, thrifted levi's, crown vintage shoes (looks just like the copen's right?!)

this is me, i would rather avoid the heat in the summer by escaping to the city but i envy those in la because they don't actually ever experience winter winter...maybe it's a case of 'too much of something is a bad thing'? but i guess i can't complain because right now the weather here in the bay area is still bearable. after all, i'm able to wear shorts :) shorts and tights are the best thing that ever happened to me, i swear.

anyway, how is everyone's week going so far? mine has been well. i found a lump or bump on my neck and i rushed to see to dr. yesterday. thank God it was just my lymph node swollen from some infection that came and went so good news for that but i ended up leaving the office with a sore arm. i was due for a tetanus shot :( i don't know what happened to me because i used to be so brave. i went through a piercing stage in late hs and when i got my tattoo, i just sat there like nothing. but i couldn't even bare to look at the needle yesterday. and call me weird, but i kind of like my sore arm, i like massaging it and feeling the soreness... :/


in my dreams.


topshop kimono, f21 booties, pixiemarket blouse

thank god it's friday, and i mean it! i had a rough night last night. my daughter had a project due, my son was sick and couldn't hold anything in and again, my neighbor. 'misery loves company' is another phrase that couldn't apply to situations more than now. that's what i've narrowed my neighbor down to. i barely had any sleep.

and for all that, i treated myself to 2 of the 3 up there; the shoes and the kimono...the other blouse, which is just perfection is a dream item right now. i was browsing ModCloth too and found tons of things! love their one of a kind selection and they're actually affordable.

lust list.

lust list

blouses, flares and these jc's
topshop blouses, pants unknown, jc's available at needsupply


take flight.

f21 capey cardigan, audrey top from chic swap, high rise cigarette bdg jeans, carrini boots

i got this miu miu inspired top from chictopia. i wore it today with these brown boots i got from ross for $15. i always automatically pair black and white prints together with brown leather. it was just an easy casual look to go and run errands in.