i had a nice weekend. we celebrated both my mom and dad’s birthdays yesterday at texas roadhouse. that place is eh. best part was my mom on the saddle! she’s a good sport and she’s just adorable. my husband showed everyone i was second place on the august candidates on chictopia. he was so proud lol! and really, i was too. i couldn’t believe i made it that far. another highlight was the comment from YUMI KIM designer kim phan. i absolutely love that brand. i always walk by her section in bloomies and dream of her pieces hehe. today was pretty chill. i went to crossroads to sell some clothes. because i bought something on friday, i have to let go of some things. that’s my rule i go by now. this is what i wore minus the shoes. i had on my miz mooz clogs instead, my walking-friendly alternative to these. these shorts are the ones i thrifted on friday and this cardigan, i bought 5 years ago is one of my faves. i love the bell sleeves, looks cute with my round frame sunnies. i hope everyone else had a nice weekend :)


  1. love the top and cardi! and your mom sounds fun for going on the saddle! hehe


  2. You look great. Congrats on being a candidate on Chictopia. Have a great day.


  3. this is just amazing, both the photos and the styling, beautiful!

  4. you make clogs look like a marriage of necessity xxx