basic friday.

so today my sister and i just planned to go and sell her clothes, have lunch at our fave mexican restaurant in oakland, cactus and then drop by f21 because we saw some really cute stuff online last night. i was in such a hurry this morning so i didn't really put any thought into my outfit today. i've pretty much been feeling that way this whole week. but anyway, after forever21 we ended up going to a few other stores. i wasn't trying to shop but we found a lot of good stuff. and then when i got home, i found that f21 just put up some leather shorts...and i was just there and did not see them! my super sweet sister in law, stylesauce was at another f21 and found them for me. love her!!! i've been searching for affordable leather(ette) shorts and missed out on a pair f21 had a month ago...they be will be so appropriate to ring in the 30's in! yes, i said it. 30. but i sure don't feel like it and i'm not letting a little number change the way feel.

but here are just a few things on my wish list...


  1. I just turned 30 on July 29th. For a whole year before it was scary approaching it and I even didn't do anything special by laying low. It's not too bad. I feel no different. Good luck!

  2. Honey your hair is awesome! AND your outfit! but please,tell me, how did you make the color? I've black hair as well, and I know that it's very hard to make it brighter. Did you make it by yourself? I've seen a few people(celebrities..) wearing this hairlook, but on you it looks the best :)

  3. You look soooo cute. The outfit is great! I like your fashion style.

    xoxo lala


  4. thank you for your answer hun! It looks so great! But I'm not sure yet, if it would look good on me ;)

  5. Wow, I love the shirt from your wish-list!

    Love your laid-back style!


  6. I'm dying to find a perfect pair of leather shorts! Wish we had F21 here! :o)
    You look really lovely in these pics!


  7. nice! I have been wanting a pair of shorts for such a long time, last time I was at F21 I tried on a pair but the fit was off. Just saw a new pair of high waisted leather shorts online, let's hope I find them in store. Finding specific items in store can turn into a mission!

  8. WOW i love your blog!!! You have amazing natural style. now following on bloglovin. Even when u "dont put thought" into your outfit, its perfect!