i'll keep my baggage.

i don't expect people to accept or understand my sense of style. but if you're behind me standing in line, i do expect you to be a little bit more mature and keep your closed-minded comments in your teeny tiny head. some girl yesterday at a theme park was making comments about my ombre hair. i don't take that sh!t. i turned around and she instantly shut up. i started telling my husband loudly that this closed minded immature girl behind me needed to shut the hell up. i think i put in a little more than i needed after that but she got me mad lol.
and just to add in my two cents, i wouldn't ever want to blend in with the crowd there at the theme park lol. i love that i'm the only one with my ombre hair, besides celebs and others on the web...i would rather have it that way.

today's sermon at church was about the problems we had (not at all pertaining to the above). that we shouldn't worry so much because not only is it temporary but others have it much worse. and as long as we have faith, we don't need to worry. our 'baggage' has been given to us because it is what will bring us to our potential and make us the people we are supposed to be.


  1. you look so pretty! and i like the back of that top :D

    that girl lacks discipline.

  2. You look gorgeous! Love the combo of this entire outfit!

  3. girl! that is too funny. I am glad you spoke up so she felt dumb! You know what she was probably super insecure and jealouse because she probably couldn't pull off the ombre hair that way you can! ;) I seriously get that all the time, I take them as compliments, and sometimes they make me laugh! Today I seriously went to a walmart with jean shorts, lace top, crochet vest, add a peeking and very visible bra, and my huge and CLUNKY JC snick wedges...I had a lot of people staring! haha, and probably also talking shit hahah . Girl you have great style, and you know what's up that is trully all that matters :)

  4. Girl you rock! :) That action was hilarious! Often when people are staring for any reason at me, I simply stare back with a really provocative look. And then they turn back and shut up :D

    That's so true. We have nothing to worry about. But still we are stressing our selves out, for silly things, that just don't matter at all. We should be thankful for the life we are able to live.


  5. P.S. you know what I think about your ombre hair - LOVE IT! :)

  6. i love that shirt, the sheer panels are really awesome! in fact, i just bought a shirt that's pretty similar, it even has the buttons going down the back! but it think mine is a tad drapey-er...is that a word? :P anyways, great look!

  7. omg what a rude ferak! as if it were any of her business?? your hair looks gorgeous the way it is :)

    kisses from the philippines xxx