i've been so anxious all week because my daughter started 2nd grade today. i'm sure i was more nervous than she was. she came home happy and excited about being a "big second grader" so i guess i could relax. but even still, she has new things to learn and new people to work with. all i need to know is that she will be happy. then, i can really relax.

anyway, i received my status sunglasses on monday - love them. this cardigan is from last fall. i loved it so much when i first got it. i wish i could 'update' it for this fall and give it dolman sleeves.

don't forget to check out goldenGrey daily, things are added everyday. and enter in the code 'firstlove' at checkout for 10% off! i'm dying over the 'heidi' dress!!


  1. Love them status'! That's so cool u are gonna model for your friends online store. What a great opportunity..who knows that could be the beginning to your big modeling career!

    And yay for Calise! Change is always nerve wrecking but she will be fine I am sure!

  2. yeah, she came home and was sort of shy to tell me, but she said, mom, i feel older. and she looked happy about it. and she is getting older :(

    yeah, i was so flattered when she asked me...i mean i take these pics on my balcony and calise is my photographer lol. but i'm a little nervous...i just hope i don't freeze up! psh big modelling career...don't know about that lol.
    how's elijah? i hope he is getting better!!

  3. love they way the cardigan hangs loosely past your shorts. and of course love the clogs! those sunnies look great on you! I have to get me a pair in black!

  4. I'm in love with your hair! Is that weird?

  5. Such a beautiful outfit, love the cardigan and the shorts and of course the clogs!
    This is the first time visiting your blog but after I've seen your first outfit I went trough your previous ones!!!
    Follow your blog dear, you have an amazing style!