my inspiration...
the stripe top is arriving!!
want the plaid blouse!!

so it looks like outside lands is not going to happen. i have pheonix on pandora right now and it's killing me. arizona by kings of leon just came on and i think i almost shed a tear lol.

anyway, i went over to visit my parents last friday and my mom was cleaning out her garage. she had a pile of sunglasses in this basket and i noticed the 'ray' in the ray ban logo peeking through the pile. i gasped and asked my mom whose were they. she said they were hers from costco back in the 90's and that i could have them if i wanted them. i was so excited i took them quick before my sister could ask for them. my dad asked, 'is that the in now?' ...my funny filipino dad...

and now, my picture overload continues...these were taken last week or so. i just realized i never posted this look here. this top is special to me...hadn't worn it in 3 years. another item in my closet i can't ever let go of.


  1. great outfit!! i love the flowy blouse on the first outfit!! the blue top also looks amazing with those shorts!! and killer shoes!!

  2. Aren't dad's funny? I love my silly filipino dad too. Ha ha.

    I love the first look. That top is perfect. Loose and easy breezy. Great for summer. I love the clogs. I just my JC pair in today. I waited so long and glad I did because I scored them for a great deal.

    And what a great find... vintage Raybans! yay.

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. amazing styles! :)
    I love the top of the 2nd style it's eccentric and needing attention ;p


  4. you often wear hot pants well trhats cool
    i love you outfits

  5. Cute outfits, i love your hair!! xoxo:)