something new.

or somethings

acid washed shorts
printed blazer

my husband and i experimented with the photos for the shorts. i liked how they turned out but we do need a little more practice...and a better camera.
and the photos for the blazer were taken later in the evening...when i'm worn out and the lighting is horrible.

also it's set, the photoshoot for goldenGrey is this weekend! i'm so excited! and here are my faves from gG


  1. Hey hun! Those acid wash shorts are killer... and of course you always rock it out with the shorts. Seriously, you are the Queen of shorts. Love it. I love the shades too, who makes them?

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. great look! that black and white jacket is amazing! love the photos! :)

  3. i am really drawn to those acid shorts! and i love, love the drapey blazer! fab look!


  4. Gorgeous acid wash shorts and you look stunning in the printed jacket!

  5. Hi Megan! New follower here :D Love your style- casual, but you always through in some element to make it unique and stand out. oh, and i read the earlier post- i think you have gorgeous hair, and i love the ombre effect!

    ps. come check out my giveaway!

  6. I agree with one of the previous posts, you're the Queen of shorts! They always look so gorgeous on you! :o)


  7. I found ur blog and i really like ur looks (: