kind of new.

i almost forgot about this jacket. i wrote about when i got it here. i was really lucky to have snagged my size when they first put it out on the floor, they were literally flying off the racks. anyway, i wore it out for the first time today and i was nice and warm. i wore my blue vintage gucci shoulder bag with it and it looked so cute together.

i have a neighbor that likes to over react and cause drama and lately, i'd say for the last month or so we haven't had any problems with each other. today he/she must have been bored or lonely or something because he was trying to stir up stuff. of course i didn't react or mind or whatever because when someone is fighting with a crazy person it becomes hard to tell which one is crazy the person. but i just don't understand those kind of people that just need drama to know they're alive. i'm sorry your life is miserable and you have to bring other people down with you to make yourself feel better. and i posted this on facebook a couple days ago, 'to find true happiness, mind your own business'. it's so true.


  1. Love this outfit/post! R those different shoes than the DSW? Stunning! :)

  2. This outfit is so Chic! I adore the jacket and your shoes<333 Oh and I totally know what you mean about people who crave drama! So annoying!