time for church.

these were shot right before heading to church on thursday. i was kind of in a hurry to get dressed. i knew i wanted to wear this tucker for target skirt and then just kind of threw on everything else. the clutch came in the mail that day too so i knew i wanted to wear that also. as i was sitting in church and i picked off some lint of my skirt, i had my clutch on my lap and i just loved how all the colors looked together. i had on a deep green nail polish that looks like sushi wrapper that looked so pretty with my gold bracelet, orange and cream skirt and brown clutch. i was thinking in church to take a close-up of of it but i forgot when i got home.

anyway, today i went with my sister to the city. i had some things i wanted to return and i had just bought a bunch of stuff lately so i wasn't planning on shopping. but, as we walked into h&m, there was a display of aviator jackets and a sign above it that read, $29.95. okay, i've been looking for one and the price range that i had were about twice that so of course i did not pass. all they had were 8's and as i tried one on at the mirror under the escalators, where every one else seemed to try theirs on, i grabbed for my hanger and i found another one in my size! so i got that and then we headed up to zara. i found so much stuff i wanted there including things for my girls. i always love fall at zara! i didn't go on a crazy spree there but i did buy two tops for my girls and one thing for myself. there were these bucket bags that had 'special price' tags on them and one caught my eye so i saw the price tried it on and i immediately headed to pay for it. hopefully i'll do an outfit post tomorrow.


  1. your hair is so gorgeous!!! and i love your skirt and the cardigan it all looks so lovely together!!

  2. Absolutely love this outfit :)

    Btw, I had my noodles for my 30th birthday on Friday (celebrated a few days early), but we ate at a Thai restaurant and had pad thai. :D