walking the walk.

here are all the pics i could gather from the indie session on saturday. goldenGrey, whom i modeled for here back in august asked me to be a part their fashion show. it was really fun. i loved walking and i'd do it again in a heartbeat.

i also walked for a t-shirt company called umbrella shirts which makes shirts with san francisco landmarks . i was wearing the tower shirt.

afterwards we went to eat at one of mine and my husbands favorite restaurants, el zocalo which is an el salvadorian restaurant that makes the best papusas.


  1. Hey doll! Thanks for the sweet comments. You look so gorgeous modeling.. :)

    The lipstick I use is called "berry haute" by Revlon in 660, you can get it at your local Walmart. And the pillows and lamp in my room is from Ross. I love how Ross has a lot of awesome things for the house. I'm such a cheapy I love my cheap clothes, makeup and home style stuff :P

    And the tights with the shorts idea I actually got it from you cause you pull it off soo good and I thought that I should try it out and I LOVE IT! :) but I don't see nothing wrong sporting it for the Winter time :P

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! <3

  2. soo cool! looks fun! ang u look soo beautiful as always!