giving thanks.


so as promised, my outfit i wore on thanksgiving...

last week or so my eldest daughter calise asked me, "thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet, why is it already all about christmas?" i answered, "because christmas makes more money than thanksgiving." (we were watching tv commercials) and then she commented back, "so money is more important that being thankful?"

she's pretty smart. she didn't have to take econ for that one.

of course being thankful is more important than money and i am very grateful for everything. i acknowledge and appreciate all my opportunities and blessings.

anyway, what are your plans for today? we have 2 parties to attend. i will try to take outfit pics and update this post with them. i'll be doing the black friday shopping with my sister in the city.
yumi kim sent me these fliers and so hubby, if you're reading, hint hint ;)

well, happy thanksgiving everyone! love and hugs!


  1. M, hope you and your family had a fabulous Thanksgiving.. Did you do Black Friday?

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Wow your hair is like amazing!!!! Is there a certain curler you use?

    Ahana xox