the second i pause to think of what to write, i literally doze off. i will blame it on the hazelnut creme godiva coffee i had brewing yesterday that left me with barely any sleep in last 48 hours. when you have a whole pot to yourself, it's hard to know when to stop. i refused the coffee today because i woke up more willing and able than i was yesterday. i got much more done today than yesterday. i really owe myself an early retirement tonight but i thought i'd just finish this post first.

this is the f21 knockoff of an elizabeth & james blouse. it is actually one of forever21's sub lines, love21 which my purchases from f21 all have seem to be from lately. the line always surprises me. on my last trip to the city friday, i actually bought 3 pieces from love21; one of which is the cardigan i've been wearing the heck out of.

f21 top, joe's jeans jeans, sam edelman shoes


  1. you've got a great style! and the f21 blouse is beautiful :D
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  2. Love the shoes! Great blog, you look amazing!

    d e g a i n e


  3. Definitely couldn't have picked that as an F21 top, you look fantastic!