hello, i just wanted to kind of check up on everyone :) it feels like it's been forever since my last post even though it was only just last thursday. maybe it seems that way because it was a post of my girls and not myself.
SO, how was everyone's weekend? i hope great :)
mine was fun...i watched pacqiao once again win, hung out with friends and then stayed over at my sisters'. got home sunday afternoon to laundry :( but after i got laundry done, i hopped on the internets and found a good deal on a winter kate meadow tank. pretty excited about that because although, i don't usually like celebrity brand clothing, and elizabeth & james is an exception, nicole richie is one of my favorite fashion icons. i'm assuming she doesn't have a stylist anymore but i really did like how she dressed more when she did have rachel zoe dressing her.

anyway, did anyone else buy anything just recently?

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  1. Fabulous blog! (You have amazing shoes!)