up up and away.

i have that kid cudi song stuck in my head and thought it was appropriate for this post. i put my hair up today because it was windy and it didn’t really make a difference anyway because i left my bangs down and i could not get them off of my face! my bangs were covering my face in the pics i took where i was actually looking at the camera and it looked awkward so i chose these where i'm looking down. sometimes it's hard to 'edit' because it's always one thing that messes up the whole pic.

anyway, this is the shirt i posted two posts ago that was only $10 at forever21. i thought it was a steal when i saw it online but there’s more to it. it has epaulets on the sleeves so they can be rolled up and there’s a shirred seam on the back at the waist so it has more shape…it’s so pretty! and have any of you tried these spin pins?? they are the greatest! i have them in my bun and i love that you can’t see anything holding it down.


  1. I love the shirt. Looks so cute paired with the shorts and the clogs. :)


  2. ooh i love that shirt, it's so pretty! and i really like your hair up with your bangs down, looks really effortless. i want to try those spin pins too but i don't know if they would hold my hair or not....
    and i totally know what you mean about one thing always ruining the photos! it's so frustrating!! believe me, i totally know what you're talking about :)

  3. nice deal on the top, i love your hair! i never see you have your hair up..you should put it up more...cute!!