song of style contest.

song of style is definitely on the top of my favorite and most frequented blogs. she always mixes different styles so flawlessly. i think that is her signature look, mixing different things you wouldn't expect. i'm entering her contest where i have to browse threadsence and choose 3 pieces under $150 for aimee to wear. here are my picks...

the 'all warm and fuzzy turtleneck poncho' for $36
the 'best of both suede shorts' for $30
and the silver chain headband by GOVIL for $56

that totals out to a $122 super chic bohemian outfit :)

okay...crossing fingersss...


  1. loove how all the pieces are different but fit so well together. amazing styling. love the headband so much! really hope you win :).
    <3, KC.