sheer purple.

i'm so excited for some news i received yesterday (that i will definitely share soon because it does have something to do with my blog!)...i really can't contain myself! but i guess my excitement is being balanced out by my children's behaviors right now! they all surprisingly took naps today so they've re-energized. meaning double the fun for me... hay ya yay...

anyways, the clothes...my new favorite jeans i've been living in since i got them on monday and a really pretty blouse i was surprised to find at forever 21.

forever21 blouse, bdg jeans, jc attics, vintage gucci


  1. What's the news?! Is it something regarding your blog? Do share!

    And girl, I cannot believe you're a mother. You're more fit than I am at 22 (and virtually all other non-mothers I know!).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. you look fantastic! love your shrug!


  3. Love the blouse looks like one from Nastygal I can't wait to know the amazing news too!