typical tuesday.

...well not really a typical tuesday :) today my two year old boy went pee pee in the potty! twice!! we're so proud of him. we let him run around completely naked and when he felt like going he panicked and didn't know what to do. we directed him to his little potty, we waited a little bit and he went! i know, i really did just blog about my 2 year old going pee but i was afraid for when the time for this would come. i have two girls and potty training for them was fairly easy. i know of boys who had a hard time so i didn't expect mine to do as well. anyway, i didn't have time to do an outfit post. i didn't really have a reason to dress up anyway. i did some serious cleaning today. i woke up and was in a mood to just clean. i cleaned, made breakfast, continued cleaning, picked up my daughter from school, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, ate, did more cleaning watched a little tv and now i'm blogging. i'm sitting in the bathroom waiting for my son to pee again (lol).
besides this news of potty training and housework, i did have some other exciting things happen today. my photo was chosen as an editor's pick on chictopia and i was browsing through the website and found this, where one of my looks were one of chictopia's best looks for summer 2010. i was also contacted by chictopia informing me that one of my looks are being considered for a launch in some sort of campaign they haven't yet revealed. i can't go into detail about it because first off, i don't have all the details and my look was only being considered and not yet chosen. but even still, i'm really flattered! as a home-maker my life is really just my kids/family and i'm lucky to fit my passion in with everything. so to have that extra fulfillment of receiving back what i put into what i love, it makes me that much happier.

anyway, while watching tv i was doing a little online shopping because i found a couple store credits i completely forgot about. i was having a hard time narrowing my virtual shopping bag down. the weather also makes it hard to choose because i get in the mood for however i'm feeling at the moment. while we're in this cusp between hot and cold weather, my list becomes a jumble of 'wants' and 'needs'. so before i continue to 'checkout' i will sort them out :)

low v-neck halter tops
black strappy clogs (jc miracles)
dark high waisted shorts

black clog boots
sweaters (a bunch from zara!!)
high waisted jeans
more scarves
button up blouses

sorry, i was going to do a collage but with all the cleaning today (plus there's dishes in the sink!), i'm kind of in a hurry to get into bed! these are all pretty basic things anyway. well, hope everyone is having a great week so far.



  1. wow congrats on your features, that's so exciting! i love this outfit, totally represents the boho vibe...
    and i totally know what you're going through with potty training, i'm in the midst of training my son and it is a pain in the ass! i get so excited and proud when he finally goes! :P