blue jay.

soooo...i bought this top from forever a couple days ago. i took outfit pics yesterday but because it's such a light color i couldn't capture the details. i think it turned out a little better this time...well good enough to post. i saw this top as a dress on my last shopping trip to the city about 2 weeks ago and loved it so when i saw this top version, i was super excited. i also got this nail polish to wear with the top. it's such a pretty blue, it kind of brings out the blue hues on my clutch.


  1. wow, I LOVE the top! It looks like an expensive one with all the details it has! Going to have it look for it now *crosses fingers*!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  2. just discovered your blog today via chictopia.

    Such adorable outfits you wear!

    Liz at http://crystal-lized.blogspot.com/