out of this rut.

out of this rut
i've been feeling this gloom lately. i tried a little retail therapy a couple days ago but that didn't really help. didn't find anything i really LOVED. i needed a little shopping inspiration so i browsed around online and these are things i found that would definitely get me out of this rut.
it's always hard for me to find the perfect boot. this fall i just want a black lace up boot with about a 3-4 inch wooden heel. it has to fit perfect in my wardrobe and go with most everything in my closet. and i need one to wear anywhere so it has to be comfortable. i still haven't found it and it's just been the biggest challenge. i think the lita's and the black clog would fit in nicely .
i want baggy and chunky sweaters to wear over all these pretty silk blouses. i'm really feeling the late 70's/early 80's and a brown floppy hat and halter bodysuits are just that.

ughh...all this wanting!

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  1. Ooooo I hope you get a pair of Lita's... I'm still so undecided about which pair I want. I want a colored pair, but I just keep coming back to black... ahhhhhh! Hopefully I make a decision soon.. The Lita's are def the most coveted JC shoe right now. :D

    Hope you're having a great Sunday Megan!!

    xx Love & Aloha